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Right around “quitting time” Friday afternoon, folks in my area were racing to the grocery store for what “they believed” to be the first of many “wintery mixes” of the season. Forecasters touted most of the day that we would be hit with freezing rain late Friday night ending sometime midday Saturday. Just like “everybody else” I too, grabbed my shopping cart and scooted through the aisles of my local supermarket for those “feel good” foods you rarely get to eat (let alone cook) on Saturday morning.

It felt like Christmas all over again when I drove up and saw this package on my porch…. THE 2ND SET OF RAINCOATS HAD ARRIVED! I couldn’t wait to open the bag and take a look. Just as I had hoped: they were perfect – light weight, waterproof, navy blue with night reflectors around the bottom of the legs (like they’re going to get up one night, put on their coats, and take themselves out on the town!), and instead of velcro to fasten ( which for me can come undone with the least amount of energy) it had a zipper. When I went to sleep that evening, the last thing on my mind was “bring it on Mother Nature, bring it on!”

Saturday morning, just as predicted, the ground was wet, shiny, and precipitation was doing it’s thing. I dressed Harley first and unlike the snowsuit, he could walk with no problem. Leo didn’t resist his new threads, and when he got his ball, he really could have cared less about his “navy blue onese.”

Harley looked cute, and he still had that little pep in his step. Both of them seemed oblivious to their outerwear, so I decided to go for a longer walk. And here’s the malfunction part – Harley stopped by his favorite “watering hole” and when he hiked his leg up in the air to relieve himself, I noticed nothing was coming out! I looked down and LORD HAVE MERCY“Mr. Wiggles” was stuck inside the jumpsuit. My Harley-Darley wet himself inside his clothing. In the middle of our walk I had to stop, and strip him down. Keeping this real, I confess, I was upset. This was NOT how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning – bathing a “peed up doggie.” I mean really, I had french toast sticks (my favorite) waiting for me back at the house. I took a deep breath and maybe five steps, when Leo plopped down abruptly in the middle of the street as if to say “if he’s not wearing his, I’m not wearing mine.” He preceded to tug at the suit leg and I could not get this dog to move. What did I do? I caved, I did exactly what all the training books say “not to do”, I took Leo’s suit off! The “Dog Whisperer” would have yelled at me for sure!

Here’s a picture of Harley, I think he looks cute and with the exception of the malfunction, I believe his suit will work perfectly for several feet of snow and/or major rain.


Leo’s look is not that cute. He actually looks a little “crazy.” I think I understand now why it’s so hard to find clothing for large dogs, because THEY SHOULDN’T BE IN ANY!!!! Doesn’t he remind you of “Huggy Bear” from the original “Starsky & Hutch” television show? Skinny tight jumper, large afro….


I think I will only put this on Leo when we’re romping in the backyard with lots of snow, and lots of privacy!

The suits (both these and the snowsuits) came from  Pets By CSN, a part of Wayfair. Their website is packed with all sorts of “goodies” for your pets, and the customer service reps are wonderful! I have returned the snowsuits (they were very helpful in that department), but I will keep the less expensive rain wear. Hopefully I will remember to “inspect” the location of “all body parts” before leaving the house next time!

I did get my french toast sticks afterwards, enjoyed my weekend immensely and had to smile because the “blog angels” blessed me once again with something to share with you!

  • Kaytlin and Cooper
    January 23, 2012

    It always amazes me how skinny they are under all that fur! I too am struggling to find that perfect outfit for the winter!

  • Tiffie
    January 23, 2012

    They look like wrestlers trying to make weight. I love it!!

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