I’ve decided rather than continue to whine, cuss, and fuss about this roller coaster weather ride we’re on, I’m just going to accept it – embrace it – and “go with it.” 

Why fret about those things I cannot change.

When you think about it, Mother Nature is a powerful force. I now have renewed respect for her. I no longer try to “will” her to listen to me.  I no longer have a “religious-like” attachment to media weather coverage.

I now have a new jingle to sing: “What will be – will be. I am finally free!”

And that’s a good thing. Most recently in just one week, we’ve gone from this…

These snow suits will need serious repair after this winter...

These snow suits will need serious repair after this winter…

to this…

Look Wilson, it's really grass!!!

Look Wilson, it’s really grass!!!

Our poor tulips thought it was time to pop their little tips above the ground…

A tad bit premature...

A tad bit premature…

Harley seemed to smile as he soaked up some of the sun rays while racing, hiding and ducking around the shrubs…

My baby is so happy today!

My baby is so happy today!

By mid-week the temperature dipped again so we traded in the backyard for the basement. Although they have plenty of “doodle toys” to occupy their time, their number one favorite “indoor game” is what I call: “attack the monster.” They stand guard, until I turn it on and then the war between good and evil begins…

They really make housework fun for me - NOT!

They really make housework fun for me – NOT!

Not sure if it’s a combination of the heat AND the carpet, but Harley suffers at times from “static hair.” When he looks like this, I run from him to prevent those little electric shocks. He chases me thinking it’s another game. It passes the time…..

Dr. Frankensteins son...

Dr. Frankensteins son…

Towards the latter part of the week, the snow returned, and of course we were back out there slipping, sliding, and rolling around…

My question to myself? "Why did I bother to brush him?"

My question to myself? “Why did I bother to brush him?”

…and around…

Leo is at his ultimate level of  happiness right now.

Leo is at his ultimate level of happiness right now.

During his romp, Leo ran over a rock, a brick or something that caused a little “Doodle Boo-Boo” with his nail. I noticed a trail of tiny red spots after each step, so onto yet another game – “Doodle Doc”

Doodle Momma makes it all better...

Doodle Momma makes it all better…

Not worrying about the weather each day, allows me just a little more mental freedom. I’m finally less stressed about those things I cannot change! I’ve even let go of being a 24/7 “Storm Watch” news person! That can really become addictive 🙂

As far as The Boys are concerned, all day, everyday is a fun day for them. If we spend most of our day out in the snow – Leo is in “Doodle Heaven” later that evening. I massage his paw pads with some paw balm, slip his booties on and like a cake fresh out of the oven – he’s done!…

"Rock a bye baby..."

“Rock a bye baby…”

Same goes for Harley-Darley. Even after a day of indoor fun. He snores like a child whose had the best day of his life…

"Soft Doodle, warm Doodle, little ball of fur..."

“Soft Doodle, warm Doodle, little ball of fur…”

And me? Usually I’m exhausted, and behind in my housework, but “Tickled to Doodle” no longer worrying about those things I cannot change!

Have a great week, regardless of the weather, and be kind to one another…

  • slimdoggy
    March 10, 2014

    What a crazy week, snow, grass, snow…NAPS! Love the photo of the static hair.

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 10, 2014

      Thanks Slim, we may need to invent some doggie hair spray – non-aerosol of course!

  • Ann Staub
    March 10, 2014

    I know the feeling… Except for we don’t have snow here. Still, Texas weather is always so wishy washy. Oh well! I don’t really check the weather that often and just roll with it like you said.

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 10, 2014

      That’s our new slogan for the year Ann, we’re not even gonna care. I rely soely on “looking out the window!” now a days Thanks for stopping by…

  • emma
    March 10, 2014

    That is the correct mind set. Enjoy what you have as we can’t change it. Mom is trying to enjoy watching us in the puddles and mud, envisioning toweling all four of us off…not easy, but she is trying! By the way, cousin Lena is scared to death of our tunnel, LOL!

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 10, 2014

      Emma, do you think Lena has part “doodle” in her somewhere? I’ve got a new strategy for The Boys and the tunnel as soon as the backyard dries out and the weather get’s a little warmer…

  • Jen
    March 11, 2014

    I hear you about the weather! What a roller coaster this winter has been and I’m over it, but I’m still addicted to looking at the weather alerts!

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 11, 2014

      Jen, I had to let the weather alerts alone, they were beginning to affect my mood swings – HA!
      Spring is right around the corner and then we’ll be complaining about summer! It’s a vicious cycle. Take care

  • Tiffany
    March 11, 2014

    Even with all the crazy weather – the Boys looked like they had a blast!

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 12, 2014

      Tiffany, the Boys are so good in that regard – they have a good time all day long. They just have the best disposition….
      Harley & Leo are the best!

  • Sheila
    March 12, 2014

    Just catching up with your blogs 🙂

    OK Cathy…. you are in luck this week. The BIG snow is finally heading way up North to where I live. I’m good with it, it beats the 15 below zero, or lower temps that we have had most of the winter. Plus I can get some snow pictures of Finnley…. NO snow suit here though. LOL
    Now I have to break the news to you. You need to stop this doodle foot rubbing, complete with foot balm. You need to get some nice lady foot balm and walk over to your hubby and tell him to start rubbing… your feet of course ! Then if he does a nice job, maybe he can do Harley and Leo too ! Oh, and Wilson could use a good buffing…. just saying 🙂 Hugs ♥

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 12, 2014

      Sheila I LOVE all your suggestions 🙂 Doodle hubby could rub my feet, while I apply balm to the Boys but I don’t know who would buff Wilson – HA!

      The past three days we’ve had fabulous weather, today we’ve got rain in the forecast and then back to cold tomorrow. I feel like a surfer – just riding the weather waves! Thanks for catching up, keep coming back and we’ll keep writing….

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