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There is a God

I kept telling myself this as my day continued to spin out of control.

Have you ever had one of those days? The ones that start out bad, and you can’t seem to stop it from getting worse?

You know – you wake up late, then what you thought you could throw on wasn’t there. That extra helping of your favorite dessert finally caught up with you, and what’s left in your closet is too tight!


You look like “hot mess express” when you finally reach your place of employment – late. Somehow you manage to survive the next 7.5 hours of your J.O.B. without verbally offending anyone. It’s touch and go as you struggle to keep to yourself for everyone else’s safety! 

Before you realize it, it’s late in the afternoon. Difficulty concentrating has caused your productivity to plummet to an all time low. 

This just happens to occur on a day when you should have been producing the work of three people. As a result, you’ve left the office later than usual, which translates into an extra 30 minutes of traffic.

You finally make it home, and sit for a few minutes in the driveway to collect yourself. What you want more than anything in the world is a few moments to yourself. But you know “that ain’t gonna happen” for a multitude of reasons.

You exhale, call on divine intervention for just a little more strength and climb out of the car.


But for me – as soon as I slammed that car door, my heart melted, my lips parted into a huge smile. I had a Hallelujah party – out loud – right then and there on the sidewalk.

Doodle Dad let the Boys out when he heard my car pull into the driveway…

Their hair was ruffled, and those fluffy tails wagged back and forth with glee – all for just little ole me.

I dropped my keys, lunch bag and briefcase as I stretched out my arms.  Wide! This is their cue that it’s hugging time. In that instance, I was thrusted back in time – before dawn – when my fiasco of a day began.

I was privileged to mentally erase all the madness the past 10+ hours brought me, to just inhale and enjoy myself for the first time that day.   


I know this to be true because He created them for people like me for days such as these!

If you don’t have boys of your own, print this photo and place it somewhere handy and share mine for emergencies.

At least then you too will have a fighting chance to salvage a portion of your evening if you ever have a day from purgatory!

Thanks for reading – tell me, have YOU ever had one of those days?

Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

Life itself is simple, it’s just not always easy ❤️

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