I don’t know about the weather in your region, but here on the East Coast, tulips and pansies are out in full bloom, the dogwood trees have buds on them, and the grass is finally green! it’s a beautiful thing to see I say….

For my boys though, spring is like a traffic light stuck on “green” for GO-GO-GO to the backyard for ton’s of fun. I really do not let them out much in the backyard during the winter months (unless there’s snow) because it stays very moist, nasty, and muddy. So when the spring season starts to show it’s “stuff”, they are raring to go…

Last spring, Leo was just coming into his own, barely a year old, poor thing  – and he allowed Harley to get the best of him whenever he chose to….

AAH-HA – now that Leo’s doubled in weight, length and height, the “rules of engagement” have transformed ever so slightly. Around the house Harley can no longer “snatch” something from Leo whenever he wants. Oh, there’s no fighting – it’s all rough housing and playing, but Leo has stopped “giving in / giving it up” on a regular basis.

For this reason, I was very interested in how the distribution of toys would work out in the backyard this weekend. The weather was supposed to be lovely, and my husband and I wanted to work on getting the patio ready for the spring and summer seasons. The boys have “outside” toys (mostly balls) that Leo (he’s my “yard-baby”) absolutely adores playing with – yet Harley (“Mr. Mey-hem”) only goes out there to reek “havoc” by taking the balls from Leo.

Both Saturday and Sunday I was pleasantly surprised to see after a few laps of “chase me”, no “chase me” that they had two entirely different interests for entertainment. Leo was happy as a lark (why do we say that? have you EVER seen an “unhappy” lark?) with his favorite soccer ball (exactly like the one he walks with every day).

While Harley on the other hand, found love in the form of a stick!

I’m not kidding – all weekend long, I threw the ball to Leo and the stick to Harley – and they never crossed over into the other ones game. It was HEAVEN!

But then the storm came in the form of a “husband.” Lee decided to bring his “green thumb” into the backyard – with us. The other day he found, fell in love with, and brought home, multiple bags of “Black Mulch” ( we used to use the “red” kind) and he has been placing it around all the shrubs and trees.






For whatever “possessed” reason, Harley abandoned his stick, ran full speed and dove into a freshly opened pile of mulch. He rolled around several times before I was able to locate my voice and have it exit my already opened mouth.  “Dirt -Boy” as he is now being called, is still rather “grey” in color in some areas.

And to think- I paid for a bath on Friday – UGH!!!

PS: “Captain Green-Jeans” (Lee), merely laughed and said “it could have been worse, it could have been wet.”

OMD (oh, my doodles)

  • Tiffany
    April 2, 2012

    Daddy was right – could’ve been worse. Maybe next year Captian Green Jeans can buy white mulch. Problem solve 🙂

  • Michele Hoover
    May 24, 2012

    I like this website.

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