When your child starts school  – especially pre-school, or kindergarten, you “live” to hear the teacher tell you that little Jason “really knows his colors” or Samantha “can count all the way to 10!” This will go on until your child is able to articulate their own activities, adventures, pitfalls, and whether or not they ate their lunch.

Believe it or not, if you take a four legged child to “doggie daycare” you secretly want to know pretty much the same information. The “boys” can’t communicate such detailed information, and everyone isn’t comfortable “interrogating” the staff at pick-up time. So thank goodness the Olde Towne Pet Resort decided to incorporate a DAY CAMP REPORT so I can have all the information I could possibly want and more!

I can receive information in “writing” that would ordinarily come “verbally” from either the teacher or your child.

Check it out:

Image   Image

  •  I know who they played with
  • Who their counselors for the day were
  • What sort of activity they participated in: chasing balls, pool play, getting their hair brushed (no I’m not joking), wrestling OR getting into trouble, and not listening
  • Behavior or mood swings: happy, playful, well mannered, cuddly, OR shy, cranky, pouty, (love this one…) “talkative”, OR relaxed and laid-back
  • Potty time: *this is important, because if someone has an upset tummy, mother needs to know BEFORE we get home
  • Finally there are the little notes, that sum up the entire day, with a personal touch

And this happens at OTPR every single time they are there. I love it! When they sponsor events for both pets and parents, we associate and recognize each other from the information we’re provided:   “you must be Scouts people, he plays with Leo all the time”, etc…


Image    Image

The following announcement is certainly worthy of a spot on the news…..


Yesterday morning Leo returned the sock – Yippee, How? let’s just say it re-entered the atmosphere in the same manner in which it disappeared – 15 days later! If you want to start from the beginning read the CSI blog (dated Jan 26th).

Thanks for reading….

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  • tiffany
    February 9, 2012

    Are the boys on honor roll yet?

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