As my romance with Mr. Bissell (Dec 5) over Berber Carpet continued… my husband decided it was best for everyone if he took the boys with him. I really had no idea where he was going, but I didn’t have any additional energy left to inquire either. They were leaving – they would be gone for hours – I loved it! With the carpet back to its original color  – yea!, I embraced some “me time”, and was completely relaxed upon their return. As he entered the house, Lee told me they ended up at the “Moose Lodge”! Now I know what you’re thinking, but I can’t help you…I can’t begin to tell you what’s at the “Lodge”, why it’s named after a “Moose” OR what one does there, but after looking at the pictures, and hearing about their day, I can only sum it up as a place for fathers and husbands to hang out AND they can bring their dogs!

Apparently Lee met up with some old friends who hadn’t met the “Boys” yet and for my two – it was a great day because there were motorcycles (hence the origin of Harley’s name) and a puppy sized more mature terrier named Jerry (a date made in heaven for Leo). Harley met Jerry once before almost two years ago at our house. Harley a mere pup, barely wet behind the ears, and Jerry roughly around five years of age, did not have the friendliest initial  “play date.” Harley thought all dogs wanted to play – after all that was what they did at camp – and Jerry didn’t interact with other dogs much – so he didn’t know what to do with Harley except, growl, snarl and snap. So while Lee and his dear friend visited and reminisced about “old times”, Harley and Jerry visited like two convicts from the Detention Center with the sliding glass door between them. Yup, you guessed it – Jerry’s owner fed up with his foolishness put him on the deck!

So fast forward to the other weekend, Harley shows up two years older, twenty plus pounds more, WITH “back up” – his beast of a brother!

Needless to say Jerry tried to give a decent growl but that lasted all of a hot minute. Evidently Jerry’s dad heeded our advice previously and started socializing Jerry with other four legged fella’s and his party skills vastly improved. An afternoon of running, romping and wrestling filled the day with an occasional chase after a HOG as the “men” test drove a few up and down the driveway. With the fall weather temperature acting just right, a large grassy area for exploring, your brother in tow PLUS a new friend, their weekend took a turn for the better. Once they got cleaned up, fed, and settled down for the evening, as Lee filled me in with their afternoon adventure – I had to smile as I watched them sleep, breathing slow and deep, little feet jerking with involuntary spasm like movement as if they were still running in their dreams…

  • Tiffany
    December 12, 2011

    Awww….the boys have a very cute new BFF!

  • Dee
    December 12, 2011

    Nothing like hanging out with “friends” aaahhhh…missing my girls!

  • Pancho
    December 27, 2011

    It was great to have the boys over for a visit. Lee was the only one that did not mark his place in my yard. Pancho

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