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Hi everybody, it’s me, Harley. While Doodle Mom piddles around the house today…


Perhaps my furrends can help me figure this one out…

What would possess an animal of ANY KIND, (I’m talking specifically about a particular doodle) to “want to” play in 30 degree weather?

It’s too cold outside…

DSCN0702 copy

When Leo asked DM to go outside, I followed them out there…

DSCN0675 copy

Notice I’m standing on grass

But that was only to do my business…

DSCN0687 copy

Once I’m done, I’m going back inside

I then raced back up on the deck before my paws froze and fell off…

DSCN0664 copy

Just waiting on Moms to come and open the door. Come on lady..

While I was up there. Leo was relentless. He would not stop calling me…

DSCN0669 copy

Trust me his outside voice is really LOUD

OMD (oh my doodle) What did he want? I’ve played with “Wilson” before, none of them were new or different. But I came back down those icy slippery deck steps “again” to see what on earth he wanted…

DSCN0671 copy

Okay Leo, I’m down here

When I got there…

DSCN0706 copy

I went over to one of the “Wilson’s” and tried to pick the frozen ball up

Leo tried to be slick, he started “easing behind me”….

DSCN0708 copy

Hey, what do you think you’re about to do?

SAY WHAT? Oh no this doodle wasn’t about to jump me…

DSCN0709 copy

I don’t believe this…

Well the pawprise was on him, I whipped around…

DSCN0698 copy

So this was your master plan all along huh?

Got into my rear strangle takedown position…

DSCN0697 copy

You’re going down Leo

And just like that – SNAP – CRACKLE – POP, he was toast…

DSCN0695 copy

That’s right, I’m still the reigning Doodle

And while he tried to gather himself – like a flash, I was gone. I ran in the garage, hoping someone would open the door so I could get to the fireplace before I died from coldness…

DSCN0689 copy

This is the part when the door is supposed to open

Yup, I left him there all alone searching for me, wondering where I’d gone…

DSCN0670 copy

I lost him, where did he go?

It’s just too cold out there, nobody should be out there – unless you’re….

DSCN0656 copy

Mom’s coming, gotta go….

  • Tiffany
    December 13, 2013

    Love our little “divo” Harley.

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 13, 2013

      I know, he makes it so easy Tiffany.

  • Caren Gittleman
    December 13, 2013

    we are in SINGLE digits here in Michigan! Big snow coming tonight!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 13, 2013

      Oh nooooooo Dakota, please stay warm.

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