IT WORKS! My Spindrift Max Walker Stretch Bungee Leash Works Like a Charm!

When I find something that works, I must share…

Harley and Leo are a challenge with “collars.” It’s not because they’re abusive with them, it’s because of their long hair. So many collars out there are gorgeous – they’re stylist, and super cool with fancy clamps, identification plates, or cutesy dangly jewelry stuff, but they’re just not functional for dogs with long hair. Because collars are used daily, for my boys, they contribute to rapid matting especially behind the ear (don’t know how) and under the neck area.

Surfing the web one night we stumbled onto a sight called and it was there that we saw the “Round Nylon Dog Collar for Long Haired Dogs”  – PRICE $15.50

These collars are recommended for long haired dogs because they won’t cause tangling, matting or hair loss that flat collars sometimes do. With this particular collar the manufacture “stuffs” the tubular webbing instead of “rolling and stitching” to create a more even coil with no seams along the length to irritate. THE BONUS? The buckle and slide are streamlined with no rough stitching to snag the fur!

A variety of colors and sizes to choose from, I decided on an “orange” one for Leo and a “laurel green” for Harley, but I would have to change the leash too! (come on now, the boys HAVE to be coordinated!).

“Spindrift Max Walker Stretch Bungee Leash” – PRICE $16.90

It has an internal bungee cord that serves two great functions:

  1. When the boys are walking next to me, the leash recoils to nearly half of its overall length, this is a great help in preventing tangles.
  2. By stretching, it helps prevent snapping or injuring your dog’s neck. ANOTHER BONUS? This leash also includes a traffic handle near the bottom for those times I need to keep them close and a buckle on the handle to allow me to clip the leash to a fence or post.

Ordering was a “snap”, and they arrived about eight days later. After one walk the old ones went straight to the trash (trust me they were in bad shape and needed to go). Harley walks “along side” of me, so I no longer need to twirl around like a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” because of so much leash just “out there.” Leo walks “in front” of me, so for him, he could travel ahead as he sometimes tries to sniff something out or chase after his little soccer companion (we’ve named it “Wilson” like in the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away”).

The collars and leases are still new so I’ll have to keep you posted on the long hair – no tangle issue, as well as the million dollar question: Is “bungee my friend?”

The website is truly worth surfing, great gift ideas for your pet or friends!

All in all, the boys and I agree – we give our Big Dog Boutique’s purchases…


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  • Lindsay
    April 9, 2012

    I’m so glad you like them! It’s great to get feedback on how our dog collar and leashes are working in “the real world”!

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