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Lately we’ve had serious frigid Doodle weather in Charleston SC…


The snow is finally gone, but these arctic temperatures still remain.


For eight days – our 97 year old furnace churned like a champ. Daytime high’s barely reached 29 or 30 degrees, while night temperatures dived down to 19 and 17. It was unexplainable for this area, but then we were no different than many other states experiencing “extremely” low temperatures.

But by Thursday she had been all she could be. She spurted, hiccuped and sent us a final burning scent through the vents then gurgled a strange whistling tune right before her last sigh, then – silence.

The new HVAC system will be installed in a couple of weeks, so there’s no reason to try and have the ole girl repaired.

Besides, this is Charleston SC – it can’t get that cold again. #famouslastwords


Thursday night, the local meteorologists kept telling us this, “weather pattern” was headed north. Friday afternoon lured us all into a false euphoric state. Temperatures soared into the high 60’s.

Saturday’s sun shined brightly and warmed our faces as we ran a few errands. After their grooming appointments, we linked up with Doodle Dad on a quest to find the pawfect light fixture for our foyer…



I love how easy it is to shop in Charleston with dogs in tow…

FRIGID DOODLE WEATHERMany times we are out and about – want to stop, but are leery because we have the Boys with us. Not once have we been turned away.

Stores not only welcome us – the staff and most of the patrons make it difficult for us to leave. Harley and Jaxson are comfortable in retail environments – rarely do I have to hold them on their leashes…



By the time the sun tucked itself away for the night, the winds picked up and temperatures changed! They plummeted. It was ice station zebra in my house. I said a little prayer over the thermostat and flipped the switch – nothing! Not a sound.

The four of us huddled around the one space heater we owned until it was time for bed. Upstairs felt like a meat locker. I slept with my skull cap on.

Doodle Dad – retired Army Ranger – was still tough enough to laugh at my layers of clothing, as he relived his Infantry “living in the field” past.

I fell asleep with both Boys at the foot of the bed adding additional body heat. I was comforted that if they weren’t too cold, all was well and I/we could ride out this “storm” together until the installation of the other unit was completed.


Sunday morning told a dissimilar story. When I rose – I could see my breath. Enough! It might have only been one night – but that was one night too many. Especially when I came downstairs to see Jaxson snuggled up on the couch UNDER the covers waiting for his breakfast…


Immediately after Church Service ended, I was standing in Lowes, high heels and all, looking at every space heater they had.

I pushed my shopping cart through the parking lot and placed two huge 1500 watt – electric heaters in the trunk of the Doodle Mobile.

As darkness approached, I glanced over at Jaxson and started humming an old Gospel hymn – “It is well with my soul.” 

He was basking near one of the four heaters we’ve got blowing super warm air through-out the house…



Sunday afternoon we walked across the street to check on Doodle Dad and his high school class of 1972 as they decorated the float for tomorrows MLK Parade…


Last year the Boys walked with Mother Emanuel AME Church in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade


We were honored to participate.

This year I must work, therefore I am not sure if Harley and Jaxson will walk with the Class of 72 or not.

When I re-read some of what Dr. King so eloquently stated years ago, I pondered how something so simple as love, equality, and brotherhood seem to be so un-obtainable these days.

We must learn to love together as brothers or perish together as fools: Martin Luther King, Jr.


That was our weekend – how was yours?

  • Emma
    January 15, 2018

    The biggest danger of no heat is the frozen pipes, so watch out for that! We had a friend whose furnace died a couple weeks ago when we never even got above zero for a few days. They bought space heaters and said they were great. Their new furnace came after a five day wait as it was, of course, over New Year’s weekend! Stay toasty!

  • Shadow and Ducky's Mom
    January 15, 2018

    OMD! I’m glad you at least have some space heaters! But be careful with those things. I love that pic of Jaxson huddled under the covers! I’d have been tempted to join him.

    • Cathy Bennett
      January 28, 2018

      It was getting a little old by day 12 but it seems to be behind us now. the Boys were fine, the space heaters gave a little bit of heat and they loved it. If I couldn’t get warm in the larger rooms (like the family room and my office) I would go to bed, the bedrooms were nice and toasty, and watch television. It was okay, we survived, and laughed a lot.

  • Amanda
    January 15, 2018

    Happy MLK Day! Hope y’all get to participate in the parade. . Also I just had to say I’m happy Circa lighting is a cool, dog welcoming store. We just purchased several lights from there for our remodel! You’re so lucky to have all the great home resources so close in the Carolinas!

  • Jan K
    January 15, 2018

    Mother Nature is wreaking havoc everywhere this year! Weather is all relative, isn’t it? Your high 20’s sounded good to us!
    However, I know how chilly it can feel when you have no furnace…sorry you’ve had to deal with that!!
    Hope the weather was nicer for the parade today!

  • Monika & Sam
    January 16, 2018

    Yikes…there’s nothing more terrifying than a furnace that goes out in a cold snap. Hope you’re all staying toasty with the new space heaters until the furnace is replaced.

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