If I could only do it all over again…

I would have never brought “Wilson” home. Why? Because he is one obsessive dog when it comes to that ball!…


This obsession with “Wilson” is over the top for sure!

No really, three years ago I thought it was the absolute “cutest thing” ever. Watching him carry “Wilson” around while folks pointed and smiled as we walked by.

But now having him around like a “third pet” has made me dislike rubber all together.

First of all we can’t ever go anywhere without it.

If I try, he’ll bark at me like he’s lost his mind. I’ll tell him to “leave it” and he’ll bark back “no” (yeah he does)…


That’s his unruly “I’m not complying” barking face

Finally I concede, no longer caring about defeat or all that “alpha-dog” mumbo jumbo. I tell him to “bring it” giving him another point in this ridiculous game of ours. “Leo – 102 / Doodle Mom – 0”

This ball goes EVERYWHERE! And it’s just a ball. To Leo I believe he thinks it’s a legless, helpless member of his pack…


They’re all starting to look alike!

I’m not proud to say this but there are times when I’ve conspired to hide it from him. I’d distract him, thinking he’d forget. Never worked! He thought it was a game, and boy was he serious about getting it back. He’ll use his full weight to push you aside if he thinks you have it…


Leo almost rolled OVER me trying to get his precious “Wilson”

Even though there are multiple “Wilson’s” laying around our property, to Leo, they are all one in the same…


He surrounds himself in “Wilson’s”

So how did my big baby boy get himself in trouble?


  • Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted a blog called THE LITTLE RASCALS. 
  • Remember how the Boys ruved to sit under their tree and wait for their pals to come home so they could all play?
  • Remember last month they moved away?…

Leo’s furrends have moved away

Well the other day, the new neighbors moved in…


Haven’t seen any little people yet

DH told Leo, not to leave “Wilson” (all or any of them) laying around on the new neighbors front lawn…


DH said “your ball belongs in your yard”

Once upon a time when Leo finished playing, he would bring his “round rubber pack member” into the garage. Regardless if we were playing out front or in the back. We expressed to him that we wanted to go back to that policy. We went over this on more than a few occasions. And trust me, he understood. But the “defiant one” had a mind and a plan all his own.

He must have found it more convenient if “Wilson” remained on the neighbors lawn. Because time and time again, that’s exactly where he left it. There was no getting him to switch gears and bring it into the garage as requested.

He has such a sweet spirit, but he can be hard headed and stubborn too. As we talked to him over and over about “no ball in the neighbors yard”, he just glared right through us…


That stare no longer moves me – HA!

I thought “OMD, this dog is not going to cooperate.” With no other recourse, we went hard core – we gated “Wilson.” That’s right, “Wilson” was now restricted to the backyard.

Wondering how that went over, huh?

At first not too well. Leo laid around in his spot on the neighbors lawn, miserable, glum, and down in the dumps…


Such a drama King!

Even Harley felt sorry for him.

Like the character “Mufasa” from the movie “The Lion King”, Simba needed help getting over this. Not sure what he did, but a few days ago Leo reemerged and seemed quite content playing with “Wilson” in the backyard with Mufasa oops! – Harley watching…


Life is finally getting back to normal – I think

Tomorrow I will see if Leo is ready to play with “Wilson” on OUR front lawn while DH cuts the grass. I pray to the “Doodle Angels” that he’s learned his lesson and life can get back to normal.

Thanks fur reading, I’ll keep on writing…

  • Lonnie Shapiro
    September 12, 2013

    Love it! That Leo is just so darn sweet with this BWF (Best Wilson Friend) and I love the way he protects it too! I think he is just trying to get acquainted with the new neighbors and thought the ball would bring them out to meet him and his family! How many Wilson’s do you keep in the house just in case one turns up missing? Libby has a favorite ball and we bought three of them in case one turns up missing. She would be beside herself. Although, she is not attached to it like Leo is to Wilson. We did get her a new Kong Tennis Ball and she loved it way tooooo much and ate a hole through it and now she is so upset because the big blue trucks took it away. She is searching all over this house and our yards! I feel so bad, but not sure I am replacing it because she can eat through it! Love your blogs Cathy, so enjoyable, fun and loving!

  • Cathy Bennett
    September 12, 2013

    Hey Lonnie – “Wilson” is not allowed in the house. We keep him/them outside. They are pretty much everywhere (that’s been part of the problem). Our yard, the neighbors yard, the back yard, the garage, in the car… It’s crazy! The particular ball is so hard to come by, so when I see it somewhere, I usually purchase it because I cannot always find them. Harley likes to tear them up and after a while I have to throw them away. He’s a character that’s for sure – but I love him just the same. Thanks so much for reading.

  • Nancie Casey
    September 12, 2013

    I just love your boys and hearing about Wilson! My Gracie Doodle is like that with her tennis balls especially. And, if she doesn’t have a tennis ball then she goes and gets one of her monsters to carry around! Such silly babies but they sure do put a smile on our faces and make us believe everything is right in the world! Thanks again for a wonderful story Cathy…hugs to the boys!

    Read more here: http://www.doodlekisses.com/profiles/blogs/wilson-leo-banished-together#ixzz2eiOivehi

  • Cathy Bennett
    September 12, 2013

    Thanks Nancie…. Aren’t doodles just the best? I grew up with parents who weren’t really dog people (?) So for me to have two doodles running around the house with me all day, every day is such a blessing. I’m sure Gracie gives you the same warm and fuzzy too. Maybe the toy/ball thing is from the Retriever side of the dog. Every time someone comes to the house, Leo must run to his toy box and grab something to bring to our guests. It’s hilarious. Thanks so much for reading.

  • Tiffany
    September 16, 2013

    I cracked up when I read the story. It’s so true!! Wilson is the third family pet member.

  • Cathy Bennett
    September 16, 2013

    Tiffany, I am actually starting to believe that myself. So sad…

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