I won’t bore you with the details of my camera woes (the best laid plans).

Suffice to say, there was a happy ending:

  • the one I had – Nikon no longer carries
  • I did however get a full refund
  • the one I found I really like
  • and it was only a few dollars more.

Now comes the hard part. I need camera lessons – self taught of course!

Lately we’ve been having simply pawgeous weather – blue skies, mild temperatures – and that gave me an idea: read the camera manual and then go outside!

Earlier in the week I came across an interesting article about dogs, leaves, smells, and poop, from a Washington Post columnist named John Kelly…



John Kelly / The Washington Post – John Kelly’s dog Charlie, loves autumn because of the large amount of leaves to sniff and play in, as seen here outside his house on October 27th.

“Autumn also gives Charlie a whole new world to smell. He is especially enamored of the growing piles of leaves that start appearing curbside. He sniffs them like a connoisseur.Autumn may be my dog Charlie’s favorite season. Finally, his thick, black coat — which had seemed so oppressive during the endless Washington summer — fits the weather perfectly.

It’s unclear what exactly it is about the leaves that he finds so appealing. Do they, as they shed the chlorophyll within their cells, exude some odor undetectable by humans but endlessly fascinating to dogs?

Or are they, as I like to think, infused with the scent of countless squirrel feet?

Whatever it is, it doubles the length of our walks. At every pile of leaves, Charlie’s canine brain conducts some complicated algorithm to determine which ones are worth peeing on and which he can skip.

There’s one other complication. We are meticulous about picking up Charlie’s poop. The rest of the year, he waits till we get to the park to do his business, depositing his waste on the grass where it’s as easy to pick up as an 8-ball from a billiard table. But in the fall, Charlie loves a nice tall leaf pile. The poop China-syndromes its way through the leaves, forcing me to fish for it with my bagged hand.

Oh don’t worry, I always get it all. Even so, if dogs are walked in your neighborhood, I’d avoid frolicking in curbside leaf piles.”

Our home is surrounded by Magnolia’s and Crepe Myrtles so we do not have a tremendous amount of fallen leaves in our yard. I have been known to play hide and seek in our neighbors yard with Leo and Wilson…


So much fun to watch him dig for “Wilson”

So after reading Kelly’s article I thought the fall foliage would make for some fun “shooting practice” with the camera. And I could observe The Boys behavior in the leaves.

Leo, like Charlie is also a sniffer…


Whatever it was, it held his attention for a while

He makes himself right at home on anyone’s lawn…


This doodle is always happy. I believe he was born with a smile

And he seems quite entertained when the wind blows the leaves…


Why is his head up? Was it the breeze from the wind? The warmth from the sun? Is he trying to catch a leaf? Who knows!

Harley is …

Well, Harley is just “Harley”...


Harley gives me the most fascinating expressions

One thing is for sure, whether they’re out and about in the neighborhood with me…


Two great creatures to spend time with – honest

Or taking a long walk with DH


Now that’s a lot of leaves!

They both seem to love this Autumn season.

What I love most about it comes much later, when we’re inside. After a couple of treats, it’s water for them and hot tea for me. Shortly thereafter those big brown eyes turn into tiny slits…


Homeboy is fighting this nap that is definitely coming…

And then all is quiet in “Doodleville”


Going, going, just about gone

PS:  I’m still reading the manual.

PSS: We always get our poop too!

Thanks so much for reading, have a doodle*licious week…

Remember “Election Day” is Tuesday, November 5th, exercise your Constitutional right and vote!


  • Tiffany
    November 7, 2013

    They love the camera!!

    • Cathy Bennett
      November 8, 2013

      I know right: Part “Goldendoodle” / “Part Nikon”
      Thanks for reading

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