After the disaster on Saturday (see “Agility Training – Going Backwards”), I took the advice of the instructor and made arrangements to bring Leo back to the outdoor training area on Tuesday to run through some of the equipment he was introduced to on his first day of training.

Karen (the instructor) thought it might be helpful if Harley joined us. The concept being, with Harley tagging along, Leo might be a tad more comfortable and adventurous trying out the tire and perhaps the tunnel.

The first thing Leo did, was show Harley how to begin. It was as if he said “You run up here and then you wait”


We ran through some of the more “challenging” stations first. Harley had to take his time with the tunnel, but once we threw the treat all the way in there, he was fine….


With much discussion in front of the tire…


And more dialog going through the tire…


Leo wasn’t having it!…


As Leo “rested”, both Katy and I took Harley through the entire course…


As suspected, Harley was a natural…


Leo found the entire hour a big game, he romped, jumped and ran back to the table to wait for Harley over and over again…


Leo just wanted to goof around.

With the 4th of July holiday upon us – there is no training on Saturday – Can I get a WOOF-WOOF?

So I am coming back on Tuesday AGAIN! This time there will be “no Harley” and I’m not coming out until we master something other than sitting on the table!

For your viewing pleasure and comedic release I’m sharing a “two minute video!” 

Click on REMEDIAL AGILITY TRAINING and know that we are not giving up! We are “in it to win it!” (the bonding experience that is)…


As always, thanks so much for reading, and I promise to keep writing…

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  • Katy
    July 3, 2013

    What a fun doodle morning with the boys. Harley is definetly our all-star agility doodle but I think Leo had just as much fun making me do all of the jumps & hoops trying to tempt him!

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