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I have found the dog ball of my dreams for Jaxson and watching him play feels like every holiday all rolled up into one. #thatssayingsomething

Introducing the Doggie Dooley Virtually Indestructible Best Ball for Dogs

The dog ball of my dreams is hard, safe and can't fit in his mouth.


but every dog ball I’ve brought home, dies a horrible death in a few days. Oh, things start out fine, but if I am not there – standing guard like secret service – the poor ball doesn’t stand a chance.

Five months ago, I was so excited about the CHUCKIT! BALL

Earlier this year I thought this would be the ultimate dog ball for Jaxson

It lost its life shortly after my review – my demon doodle found a way. So much for high hopes! #sillyme

During a lunch-break Goggle search for something too large for him to sink his molars into, I came across what would become the dog ball of my dreams.

Initially I laughed at the name – virtually indestructible – sarcastically thinking – 

Indestructible my @##

Continuing my research with an open mind, I read the reviews and watched a few of the videos.

This is a HARD PLASTIC BALL that comes in an array of sizes…

I went for the largest dog ball offered - 14 inches. So happy I did.

…designed to be used as a “push and play” toy. 

Made out of a hard, high density material – the ball is safe, washable and oh so durable! 

I love watching him use his paws and snout to move the ball where we wants it to go.


for him – at this stage of his ball playing life!

According to the site, not being able to bite down on the ball and carry it around, brings out the natural instinct in dogs who like to push things…

His skills are improving every day, I love watching his coordination.

Jaxson started pushing balls our way with his paws and snout when we are sitting in the backyard. I tell people he’s learned how to play fetch with old people!

We sit, throw/roll the ball to him and he drops the ball near us and pushes it back to us …

When he get's tired of playing with himself he will push the dog ball in our direction so that we can violet back and forth

The company emphasizes the ball you choose –

should not fit inside your dog’s mouth

Here is the chart suggesting the correct size ball for your dogs breed and size…

I of course went with the largest one, because I know my Dood!

From the reviews I’ve read, the advice from other pet parents was to order one side up from the chart to ensure your dog (if he’s a heavy biter) couldn’t bite into it. Since this is heavy plastic, once a hole gets in it, the plastic edges would be too sharp and dangerous – therefore it would have to go in the trash. I have no regrets purchasing the larger (14 inch) ball…

Initially he was desperately trying to bite into it! Complete fail - thank the doodle!


in this house is a dood who can play with a ball on a daily basis. Great way for him to unwind after work while one of us cranks up the grill. 

He’s quite vocal when he’s playing with this ball, and that’s different for him, but he enjoys it immensely.

We’re working on his skills so that he can play soccer with the grandson’s this summer…

YouTube player


seems to exercise Jaxson like no other ball, whether he’s playing with one of us or by himself. 

He played a lot over the weekend and Monday at work he was still tired…

This REM sleep is the day AFTER playing with his new dog ball the day before. Money well spent!

Did I tell you it also floats? 

Can’t wait to watch him with it in our neighbor’s pool later this summer.

If you have ball problems with your furry friend, I highly suggest you check this one out! 

Make playtime more PAWsome with a ball ❤️

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I only share what I find extreme value in, and what Harley & Jaxson enjoy!

  • The Z Kids' Mama
    May 25, 2023

    Maybe I’ll try one of those for these two hooligans of mine. Zen seems to get great pleasure out of ripping the ChuckIt! (fake) tennis balls in half – and carrying them around the yard like a prize. The real ChuckIt! tennis balls – the ones that were made to last – are impossible to find these days, so I covet the only one I have left from Callie’s and Shadow’s days as earth angels. Zoey is very good with it, so I let her chase it around the yard.

    • Cathy Bennett
      May 25, 2023

      I too thought that the ChuckIt ball was going to be my answer. That’s why I purchased the big one. But it was a huge (and expensive) disappointment. This one is challenging because he had to switch gears and instinctively move it around using his paws, head and snout. By the time he’s finished playing – he’s ready for a nap!

  • M. McDonald
    May 25, 2023

    Adorable video that made me smile as I watched your ball-loving boy enjoy his new toy.

    • Cathy Bennett
      May 25, 2023

      OMDoodle – it is so much fun watching him literally exhaust himself. Now when I come home I grab a glass of wine, go out back with him and as Harley naps soaking up some rays, I sip and kick with Jax for about thirty minutes and unwind. Best toy for the two of us!!!!

  • Cat and Dog Chat With Caren
    May 26, 2023

    I’m definitely going to look into this and thanks for posting! Levi also destroys every toy/ball, etc known to man! He has an indestructible Frisbee that we love and it truly is indestructible. Levi likes to smash things, bang things, fling everything, this ball looks right up his alley. Thanks!

    • Cathy Bennett
      June 7, 2023

      Girl, this ball is a blessing here in Doodleville – he will play by himself or with me for a while. After about 30-45 minutes, he’s spent – done! FINISHED 🙂 and I love how there’s mental stimulation as well. I saw the 10 inch you bought for Levi, I may go get that one also. So worth the money. Enjoy!!!