Now “Milo” is not another doodle, Milo isn’t even a pet. Milo happens to be the name of a doggie treat my boys absolutely adore.

Milo’s Kitchen (home style dog treats) so far – has been one of the few treats to actually pass ALL the “treat tests” in our home. Here’s what I’m up against:

  • Harley has the most sensitive stomach known to man, real rich treats seem to send him straight to the yard (if you know what I mean).
  • If a treat carries a particular aroma (I’m sure it’s to entice the dogs appetite and certainly not mine), it turns out to be twelve times worse on Leo’s breath  – Ugh!
  • If that “aroma” is the slightest bit “pungent”, my DH (Doodle Husband) and DD (Doodle Daughter) will fuss to touch them and complain until they are all gone – I’m not kidding!

So when I stumbled upon Milo’s treats, everyone was thrilled, and so far – so good:

  • No upset stomachs for Harley. We’ve only purchased the chicken meatballs and they are working fine.
  • Leo’s breath doesn’t knock me down when I’m sitting on the floor and we’re “eyeball to eyeball!”
  • Both Lee & Tiffany have no aversions to getting  and giving the treats – and that in itself says a lot!

Now that you know my challenges, if you know of other treats out there that fit the same MO, hit me back and share the good news please….

CHAIR UPDATE –  I am pleased as punch to announce that there is “no more drama” during the week when we retire upstairs for a little telelvision viewing (and the winner of the four year chair war is). The little bed, turned recliner for Harly is just perfect and we no longer sprint to the room playing musical chairs (there was never any music…):











Don’t worry about Leo – he has a ball stretching out over both beds in the outer area of the room. Life is Good!
Thanks for reading…

  • Rona Smith
    July 19, 2012

    There’s a store based in the Midwest ( mostly OH, KY,PA) called Moochie and Co. They seem to specialize in all things pet related. From rain slickers with matching boots to puppy pj’s! Anyhow, one thing they do well is treats! They also sell homemade treats that can be eaten by humans and pets alike. I was never brave enough to try one, but the owner said he had and they were good. I bought Piper birthday cookies from them one year. They were a little pricey but met the stomach, breath, and “ick” test. I believe you can order online. Might be nice for a Harleo B-day celebration!

  • groovygoldendoodles
    July 19, 2012

    Thanks, I’ll check it out

  • Julia Bibbee
    July 19, 2012

    I enjoyed reading your blog especially the chair war/musical chairs. My Finn has his own chair. I re-arranged the living room so we can sit together. Otherwise, Finn would use me as a chair.

    • groovygoldendoodles
      July 19, 2012

      Hi Julia –
      Isn’t it absolutely amazing how they can change your life? But I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks so much for reading –

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