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I spoke about the new ChuckIt ball on a Girls with Dogs podcast episode. Kimberly and I were sharing our Christmas wish lists, and I had high hopes for this dog toy…

Jaxson is a menace to all balls. He loves them, but his excitement heightens if he’a able to destroy it.  Dog toys can be expensive, to include the cheap ones if you are constantly having to replace them. Hence my constant hunt AND now excitement to share this new find with you!


because I’ve purchased their products in the past and have been quite pleased. However, the majority of their balls are tennis size and inside the house they end up under furniture which enlists me to participant in these “doodle games.” #whetherIwanttoornot

When I saw the Chuckit! LARGE “Kick Fetch Ball” I thought – 

this right here is an answer to my pet parent prayers!

It’s a great ball for either outdoors or inside. The nylon material makes it easy on the ears in the house as he throws it up in the air, and the grooved design allows Jax to pick it up – but it’s too wide for him to bite down and destroy.  

Watch for yourself – 

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and while I don’t mind spending it, I get aggravated (at no one in particular) #tellingthetruth when I see my cash shredded all over the floor two days after it arrives. Jaxson isn’t going to change his style of ball play – 

He is who he is

Therefore I continue to search until I find something TOUGHER then him… 

So far the Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball is a fierce competitor. Affordable and comparable to other balls, Amazon has it priced for $25.75 (they sell a small size also!)

He is so focused on this ball, a four month old Goldendoodle couldn’t pull him away…

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is my “go-to” statement when I am sharing product experiences. While Jaxson can play with his ball for hours and never bite through it, I am sure there are some power chewers out there who can. #gottaknowyourdog

For us here in Doodleville, the nylon fabric makes it safe for indoor play, and the durability seems to discourage him from trying to eat it!…

We give this a 4 🐾🐾 approval – 

Happiness is a dog with a ball ❤️

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  • Tails Around the Ranch
    January 3, 2023

    And then there are those of us pet ‘pawrents’ who buy their pups balls thinking THIS one will be the one and their dogs look at it, and then look back at us thinking “sheesh, what am I supposed to do with THAT?” Sigh.

    So glad Jaxson enjoys his ball-wishing him and you many pawsome ball adventures!