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When an avid reader sent me a text regarding a toy tester contest sponsored by PetSmart – I jumped on it…

Based on the criteria, I felt it was my civic duty to ALL pet parents across the country to have the “original dog toy destroyer” show these merchants what doesn’t work in certain households. #likeours

I’ve loved three doodles in my lifetime, two of them absodoodletutely appreciated everything they received. They cared for it, respected it, and allowed it to live long, stuffed, squeaky lives. 

But there’s always one who wants to defy the rules and his name is Jax – the dog toy destroyer

Exhibit 1

This demonic Doodle behavior began at an early age… #littleshorttailedmonster

With a new puppy in the house, I’d buy toys practically every other day, get home, and before the sun could set, this happened…


quickly became another sentence on my “dogma” resume. I learned to stay away from anything cheap…

And much to my dismay accepted that balls could become prey as well…

After asking what the right toys for large dogs who kill them are, with Cameron Reid on our podcast – 

I started searching for toys designed with Jax in mind. I decided last month to give this multi-pack set called “Puffin and Parrot” a try…

Have no clue which is which – do you?

Only $19.66 on Amazon, I figured – 

Why not?

Well, let me tell you – in less than three days, Puffin or Parrot (don’t know who’s who) lost limbs….

The poor thing is still smiling

…catapulting them into the basket of dismembered toys in my home office #yesthereissuchaplace

I do not recommend this toy for toy destroyers at all AND the sound only occurs when I shake it like a rag doll. #spendyourmoneyelsewhere #sosorrynotsorry


listen to those who have been there before you. And that’s what I finally did. Cameron and Kimberly both praised a dog toy company called Fluff and Tuff. 

They said the toys were well made and lasted forever #theirwordsnotmine

Based on who I’m dealing with, they both suggested I go for Big Daddy Gator…

Big Daddy Gator is the King of the Swamp – and King of Playtime! His long body is slightly understuffed for maximum shaking and tugging fun. He may be fierce, but he makes a great pillow too.

Fluff and Tuff

My toy tester was somewhat skeptical at first. I laid him in a pile with Puffin and Parrot, whom I started calling “the deceased and deformed”

After about two days, I was cautiously optimistic because he started walking around the house with Big Daddy Gator…

But shortly after that, I noticed his murderous look was back. ..

Look at him, tongue hanging out and his paw on Big Daddy’s belly as if he owns him!

It’s just a matter of time now!


contest ended mid-February. They will announce the winners (one cat and one dog) on March 8th.

Would I like for them to select Jaxson?

You bet your doodle

Will I be shocked to find out he wasn’t chosen?

Not really 

But I am happy with my product review and video I sent them of his favorite toy #onethathaslastedsofar

So stay tuned – as soon as I hear something – I promise to let you know AND share what I submitted.

Until then please pray for Big Daddy.

While he may have –

  • superior ultra-plush outer fabric
  • thick, durable tuff web mesh liner
  • non-toxic polyester filling
  • embroidered eyes

He hasn’t met my Jaxy – #thatsallImsaying

Never give in and never give up ❤️ Jaxson

  • Madison
    February 27, 2023

    We are not very hard on toys, so it would not be a good job for us. Bailie is the only one who destroyed lots of toys and pillows her first couple of years, but no more. Good luck to you. May you win, it would be fun!

    • Cathy Bennett
      May 25, 2023

      Hello Madison, apparently Jaxson was not selected because I never heard back from Pet Smart – oh well…
      I do plan to share in a blog post the video we made and the review of the toy we chose. Stay tuned. Hugs to your crew!

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    February 28, 2023

    Sounds like the ‘oodle’ DNA in Jaxson is predominant (Elsa, my Standard Poodle) is the destructo canine in this house). Anything with appendages quickly becomes “the deceased.” Even the gingerbread toy men I made with chubby arms and legs (no sharp inviting angles) which were unceremoniously chewed off. As an amputee, he’s still pretty enjoyed though. And tags? On ho, they are cut off BEFORE the price tag! LOL Good luck-we hope Jaxson is chosen-he’d make a great toy tester.

    • Cathy Bennett
      May 25, 2023

      girlfriend, they left us out in the cold!!! I submitted everything way before the deadline, waited and watched my inbox – nothing! Oh well… I do plan to post his video (which I thought was quite entertaining and the toy review we selected to enter him with. I say “Pet Smart – your loss!” LOL Take care my friend.

  • Sophia Barber
    March 3, 2023

    What a fun and informative post about your furry friend serving as a canine toy tester! It’s always great to hear about dogs who get to try out new toys and products and provide feedback on their effectiveness and enjoyment.

    I appreciate the detailed descriptions and reviews of the various toys tested, as well as the honesty about which toys were hits and which were misses. This provides helpful insight for other dog owners looking to purchase toys for their own furry companions.

    It’s also great to see the emphasis on safety and durability in the toys tested. As the post mentions, it’s important to consider these factors when selecting toys for your dog, as they can impact both their enjoyment and overall health and well-being.

    Overall, this post is a fun and engaging read for dog owners and provides valuable information about selecting toys for your furry friend. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights as a canine toy tester!

    • Cathy Bennett
      May 25, 2023

      Thanks Sophia – I love this community and how we are able to share in this space with so many other pet parents. I never did hear from Pet Smart so I imagine Jaxson wasn’t selected. I now plan to share the video and my review on what we entered into the contest. Please come back and visit again soon.