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As promised, here is Jaxson’s canine toy tester – the conclusion story I promised to write, and the review of the toy we used for the contest.

Entering Jaxson in PetSmart’s Canine Toy Tester contest back in February was a family members idea…

When it comes to my Dood, I am no different than any other pet parent, dogma or Doodle Mom, I too think he’s amazing, excels in everything and should be #pawsdown testing destroying toys and getting paid for it!… #thereitis #Isaidit


to enter this contest required I –

  • complete an application
  • provide a 30 second video of Jax in action and,
  • write a 200 word description of the video

For a content creator – I thought this would be “easy-peasy” #keepingitreal #thisbloggergotcocky

I chose to write about one of Jaxson’s all time favorite 2022 Christmas gifts –

The Wicked Bone 

The World’s First Smart & Interactive DogToy

Here was my essay entry to PetSmart:


Life as a therapy dog in a large hospital can make for tiring days. Toys are essential at work and home. For Jaxson, his favorite toy – paws down is the Wickedbone by Cheerable.

The Wickedbone is designed to work with an app that controls the device.  Entertaining, stimulating and for this energetic eight year old Goldendoodle, this smart and interactive toy keeps him occupied and will exhaust him in less than 30 minutes! 

Paired with my phone, I can choose to operate it manually (drive mode) using the virtual joystick feature or switch to autoplay.

The Wickedbone has many actions to entertain Jaxson. It spins, flips, vibrates, whistles, giggles and rolls to name a few. Labeled my “destructive Dood” around certain toys, this one is still in tack, however, I remain vigilant when play is in session.

For active dogs, who delight in toys with motion and sounds, this is a good one! Made with an FDA food grade material, it’s safe in your pup’s mouth! A little pricey, and not for every dog, but we give it a 4-paws rating. 

To learn more about Jaxson’s fur-vorite things – visit

And this was my award winning #SpikeLee video LOL to accompany my essay –

YouTube player


I first came across this gadget (as Doodle Dad likes to call it) during a deep dive with my man “Greg Google” looking for unique holiday pet gift ideas to discuss on our weekly podcast Girls with Dogs.

So enamored with the WickedBone, I purchased it immediately from a company called Cheerble…

When I tell you that Jaxson can’t get enough of it – I literally have to limit the amount of time he spends with this toy. This is why I just knew the WickedBone dog toy was the right product to use for the Canine Toy Tester contest. I play along and operate the app on my cell phone like a joy stick or set the timer and allow it to entertain him through the technology of AI – it’s an addictive source of enjoyment for him.

This thing keeps him hopping around non-stop…

Jaxson can go close to 30 minutes with the WickedBone, before he yields and takes a rest…


about the battery life during usage, as you can see from the blue light – this toy out lasts Jaxson every time LOL …

I purchased this from Amazon and it’s much cheaper now – $47.99. While this is NOT a product review post. I do want you to know that Groovy Goldendoodles is a personal blog and I, Cathy Bennett (owner) am a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates program that provides the means for me to earn advertising fees by promoting and linking to their site. As an associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However, ALL opinions are my own, swayed only by Jaxson’s tail wagging approval. The WickedBone is not responsible for the content of this post.

Let us know if think this is a great toy for your pup. It’s certainly been a great physical and mental stimulator for Jaxson during these steamy hot days where outdoor fun isn’t safe for lengthy periods of time.

Thanks for reading –

Our journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog ❤️

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    August 10, 2023

    What fun toy! I wanted to play with it. 😉 Terrific presentation and I hope it scores you a win.

    • Cathy Bennett
      August 10, 2023

      HA! – it didn’t… but I realized how much I love to share the things that excite both Jax and I so I hope to add a section to my website for friends to visit and read about!!