We’re the Christmas Doodle Bandits.

I’m Havoc…

PP5 copy

This is the face that gets them every time!

And I’m Mayhem…

DSCN0998 copy

Sshh, I’m trying to be stealth like.

When we put our heads together we can be a dynamic disruptive duo of “Doodle” proportion.

December 25th was our scheduled date of attack. We planned to pull off the greatest “holiday heist” ever and manipulate Christmas.

We schemed the night before on how to make the day “all about us” – and at the crack of dawn, we set our plan into motion.

We wanted to spend our morning at the spa. So with just the right look, and placing our bodies in everybody’s way, we were able to get a full body massage….

DSCN1000 copy

Girl, that’s my spot

Works every time…

DSCN1013 copy

Yup, this sure is “man’s best FURRend alright”

One of my homies from round the way stopped by on Christmas Eve with some goodies. They smelled and looked delicious. Problem was, Doodle Mom wanted us to eat our food first. But if I can get her attention, and give her just the right look with my droopy eyes…

DSCN0499 copy

I’m sooooooo upset..

BAZINGA it’s like magic!…

HD3 copy

I got my cookies, I got my cookies

After breakfast DM got dressed to go see our DG (Doodle Grandma) and she had the nerve to think she was leaving us behind.


DSCN1033 copy

We love this lady with all our doodle heart

When we returned home, there was food, treats, and more fun. It was gift time! We like for John to assist us with opening our presents because he melts like butter when we shower him with attention and that’s always a sure way to get more treats…

BB copy

That’s right, you the man John, now just open that package of turkey sweets will ya

Santa Paws left us some flying raccoons and playing with them was pawsome…

DSCN1019 copy

Can’t decide which one I want

Mayhem dragged our Doodle Sister around like a little rag doll…

HD4 copy

Who needs a swift-it broom?

Then Havoc got busted in the middle of his Delta Force amputation madness…

hd2 copy

Nobody likes to see this look on his face – ever!

Havoc froze….

DSCN1068 copy

Then he caved, he was caught, he placed himself in “time-out”...

HD1 copy

Guilty as charged

Meanwhile Mayhem got to play with the raccoons some more. Until he wore her our…

DSCN0987 copy

Look here lady, I can do this all day long

One down…

DSCN0990 copy

She was done, like a well cooked turkey

Later on that evening, Mayhem killed John. He was toast. Our mission was complete…

IMG_5181 copy

Anybody else want some of this?

Havoc, the mastermind behind this little take-over curled up in a warm blanket near the fireplace and rested as he schemed and planned next weeks attack…

IMG_5179 copy

This was fun, can’t wait to take over the next holiday gathering

That’s right baby – New Year’s Eve – when the Bandits strike again. Anybody out there got any masks that will fit us?

Continue to enjoy your holiday with family and friends. Thanks for reading…


  • emma
    December 26, 2013

    Sounds like a fun Christmas! We brought a six pack over to lab cousin Lena’s place and had some beer and sliders together, it was fun! We tried our best to sneak some cheese and crackers but it was heavily guarded this year which was disappointing. We are planning our New Years party now too!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 28, 2013

      What’s up your collar for News Year Eve Emma? Do tell…

  • Yvonne Smith
    December 27, 2013

    Once again the boys did there thing enjoying Christmas!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 28, 2013

      Yvonne, I’ve come to the conclusion that life here in Doodleville is all about them, but I’m okay with that.

  • Kimberly Gauthier
    December 27, 2013

    Looks like a fun day was had by all. Our Christmas was relaxing and great; the night after Christmas – yikes. The puppies didn’t get enough exercise – we allowed them to sleep too much during the day, so they were up most of the night. Wow!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 28, 2013

      Pups are energetic, you’ll either get your workout during the day or you’ll have to suffer through it during the night hours. Don’t fret though, they will mellow soon enough. Meanwhile, catch some zzzz’s whenever and wherever you can. Take care Kim

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