Hi, it’s me “Harley!”  – and it’s my fault this weeks post is a little tardy.

I asked DM (Doodle Mom) if I could tell my own doodle version about this past holiday weekend, She said “sure Harls” (she calls me “Harls” when I’m acting cute and irresistible). I’m somewhat slow on the keyboard, that’s why this edition of the “Doodle Daily” is so late…


By now you must know – the 4th of July is anything but a holiday for me.

I understand the “reason” for the celebration but I am doodlefused with the “traditions” associated with it. Barbecues, music, and swimming pools in the backyard? – yup, makes sense. Bottle rockets, playing with matches, scaring your furry furrends? – NOPE, can’t get with that. But that’s just me.

In our town, Thursday’s weather was HOT. In my coat, it was REALY HOT. So, after our morning walk…..


…we pretty much stayed inside most of the day. Once the sun started to go down, I heard DD (Doodle Dad) grab the keys, and ask DM about taking us to the park.

It was the pawfect way to spend the latter part of the day…


I even ran around with Leo and “Wilson” for a minute or two…


But if I have to tell the truth, I mostly did what I do best – I “chilled”


…and watched Leo do what he usually does – bark and lose his mind until someone throws “Wilson” somewhere…


Then out of nowhere I thought I heard something. First a hissing sound, then a whistle, then a crack, crack, BOOM


I didn’t see anything, so I calmed myself, gathered my thoughts, talked myself off the ledge, and tried to relax.

But when I heard it again, I instantly knew. It was starting…


I jumped to my feet and hollered out YO, it’s happening we got to go”...


Apparently they didn’t take me seriously the first time, so I had to “bust a move” on my own…


Once we got home, I remembered watching on DOGTV ( that’s right, we got cable), a story about “what to do during an emergency.” They said it is best to stay in a bathroom doorway. To me, this was an emergency, so that’s exactly what I did…


… until DM gave me my “stuff”


As if that wasn’t more than enough excitement, the next day was just as traumatizing. Midday, I saw DD put our beds in the car, and I thought “hot diggity doodley” we’re going on a trip. But come to find out that wasn’t quite the truth. Let me explain…

Leo and I are both “diggers” we have to dig and fluff our beds every night before we plop down and start dreaming. I can’t tell you why, we just do it. Hey, we’re dogs.

Friday’s mini-journey was all about our beds! You see they just can’t seem to handle all our digging. We need a firmer fabric to withstand our nighttime rituals. DM called ORVIS and spoke to Lisa, who agreed to exchange the beds for something sturdier. This was where we were headed…


Lisa came over to greet us… and then she helped DM decide which bed would work with our “lifestyle”


And as she helped DM, and as DD looked at t-shirts, we found a spot to watch them…


To avoid separation anxiety later, my pet parents allowed me a few minutes to bid a private “farewell” to the best bed in the world…


Meanwhile Leo remained on the other side of the store unsuccessfully working his “I’m so cute, won’t you buy me a toy” look…


I did steal a quick peep at the new bed in the catalog. They look rather plush and inviting. I believe it will work out just fine for both of us, but let that be our little secret. You see, every night DM showers me with extra hugs and neck tickles reassuring me that I’m gonna like it when it arrives. Who wants to mess that up?

I hope I did this weeks “Doodle Daily” proud, cause I am exhausted, hungry and in need of some serious human attention…


DM will be in your inbox on Thursday, (if you’re a subscriber), and perhaps I’ll surprise you and write a little “sumpin-sumpin” again real soon.  WOOF (thx) for reading…

  • Karen
    July 8, 2013

    I just love your blogs. They are so well written! Karen and Mila

    • Cathy Bennett
      July 9, 2013

      Thx Karen, that means so much to me! Please share the website with all you know who could use a doodle dose of the boys.

  • Lonnie Shapiro
    July 8, 2013

    Harley you did an excellent job on your “first” blog and Libby and I are very impressed. In fact, Libby is kind of hinting that she might like to try that thing I sit in front of for hours and hours while she lays at my feet wishing we were playing together!
    I think your romp in the park was very nice with your DD, but totally understand why that noise scared you and back in the car you went! Libby went a little crazy in the house too, but we all went into our office, turned on music and we forgot about those terrible sounds outside. Of course I was on that “thing” that you used to type your great blog on again and Libby just looked at me like “really”?
    OK, I must admit, I’m with Leo when it comes to shopping! Yes, I would be right there looking at all the goodies to buy! Retail therapy is what I call it!
    Hoping to hear from you more often Harley, you definitely inherited you Mom’s great writing skills. Your pictures are adorable! Have a Doodlelicious day!

    • Cathy Bennett
      July 9, 2013

      Give the laptop to Libby and let her have a go at it! She has something to share and I for one (Leo too!) want to hear what she has to say. The wafers that Mom gave me really helped (that and the Bowser Beer) me to relax and after a while I forgot all about the madness outside. I don’t know what to say about Leo, he is always shopping wherever we go….
      Thx for reading, and we love to hear from you – take care furrend! – Harley

  • Caren Gittleman
    July 8, 2013

    other than having to deal with those “boomies” it looks like you had a great time!
    I love how fluffy your fur is, it makes me want to kiss you!!! You are like fluffy cotton!

    • Cathy Bennett
      July 9, 2013

      Yup that’s me a four legged cotton ball! Thx for being my animal – Harley

  • Tiffany
    July 9, 2013

    Reminds me of our trip to the LV store for my birthday in Charleston. Love the pictures too; they matched Harley’s descriptions “paw-fectly”.

    • Cathy Bennett
      July 9, 2013

      Harley loves to blog, I have to tell him “no” or he would take over the website! – Thanks for reading.

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