by Harley & Leo

Let us take a moment
To tell you about “non-other”
Than the lady we’ve come to love,
That we are blessed to call our “mother”

































She’s patient and giving,
She’s loving and kind
She treats us like humans
When others might leave us behind

She feeds us – She walks us
Without any fuss

She drives us to camp
Like the kids on the bus
























When we play with our toys
She cleans up our mess

For dinner, she adds chicken
We’re telling you… “she’s the best!”

She has med’s if we’re sick
That seem to always do the trick

And a bundle of energy
to throw you either the ball or a stick

We wanted to do something special
But we don’t have any money
So we went to our sister Tiffany
Who hooked us up – honey!
























So “Happy Mother’s Day” – Mom
We hope your gift brings you joy…

Are you ready?
It’s a Pedi

And a whole lot of love from your boys!

Wow, that was a wonderful dream…

“Happy Mother’s Day” to mother figures ALL over. To women who have ever had a child, watched a child, hugged or loved a child – this is your day, for that is the act of a mother….

Enjoy your day  – you deserve it!

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