Happy belated Mother’s Day to “paw“tastic women all over the world who do so much for so many!

After visiting my mother earlier in the day, I decided to do “nothing” the remainder of Sunday and enjoy my family – the two and four legged members! I am so glad I did. The Boys were in rare form (don’t know why that should have surprised me), and they performed and entertained me all afternoon. Best Mother’s Day gift ever!

It started when I went to get my phone out of the car. Leo dashed out the door ahead of me and ran, you guessed it – straight to “Wilson”
The weather was “paws“itively astonishing! In our area, rain had monopolized the past five or six days so it was nice to feel the heat of the sun and see your shadow.

For those that don’t know this trivial fact – I talk (out loud) to the boys? So when I asked Leo if he wanted me to play ball with him, the “dog-on doodle” barked back…
For that reason I decided to grab my camera and “hang-out” with them for a while.  I did my best to capture as much as I could on camera to share with all of you:

Leo sat frozen-like in his “vogue” pose waiting for me to play…
Harley-Darley preferred the cool concrete and shade of the garage floor…
With much patience and self control, Leo waited for me to grab “Wilson” and toss it across the lawn…
This went on for quite a while…
Harley, eventually decided to join us, after watching from his “doodle cave”….
He eased on down the driveway and began his stretching exercises on the cool grass…
DD’s take note: only a mom can throw a ball, AND snap a photo of her subject and the ball at the same time…
LEO - BALL 1-1
Leo was having the time of his life (which is pretty much everyday!) with his BFF “Wilson”
LEO - BALL 2-1
But then I noticed something peculiar about Harley…
He was lurking under the Magnolia tree a little too long…
I didn’t know at the time he was planning a sneak attack…
He was after…
Leo tried to get up, he tried to escape, but Harley did what any smaller dog would do. He jumped on Leo’s back…
When that didn’t work, he went for the ear…
And when all else failed, he pulled out his secret weapon, the “rear leg take down”
This is Harley’s signature move, he went after Leo’s back leg to get him to lay down…
Even as Leo was going down, the poor baby tried to stay up!…
Harley was relentless…
123 and he’s pinned!….
Leo graciously accepted defeat…
And he watched his opponent enjoy the trophy…
When it became entirely too much for him to bear, Leo barked for his DM to help him reunite with his ball…
To handle this situation fairly, I did what any normal parent of multiple pets would do – I offered a bribe, I yelled out the word “treat”
And of course Harley released his grip, and by the look of him licking his lips – it was worth it…
I had so much fun that day, hanging out and being a part of their world.. Don’t let the teeth scare you, this sort of doodle romping is non stop all the time, and never with any malice or aggression. Just pure, undiluted fun!

Before we say “so-long” for today, I wanted to share the most adorable photo from a fabulous wedding we attended over the weekend. Another beautiful day, with the ceremony outdoors.

The bride’s BFF (named “Zepplin”) participated in the ceremony. In lieu of a ring bearer – Zepplin pranced down the aisle wearing her own bouquet and sporting a sign around her neck which read “here comes my mommy”
You know what I’m thinking right? Cant’ wait for DD to wed!

Have a great day, thanks for reading and get ready to see the new website next time I post later this week – It’s DOODLE*TASTIC!!!!

  • nike pas cher
    May 21, 2013

    Great, thanks for sharing this article.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

    • Cathy Bennett
      May 23, 2013

      I am so happy you enjoyed it. Please continue to read, and I will continue to write. Thanks so much.

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