Wednesday’s can be sort of a difficult day for some of us. Since Wednesday is in the middle of the work week, many people often see it as a “hump” that they must get over in order to get closer to the end of the week, renaming Wednesday as “hump day!”

If Harley and Leo had any inkling about the days of the week, I would bet they’d select Wednesday as their “favorite” day, totally unaware of its “other name”

If we have a slow start in the beginning of the week, because Mon & Tues we have:

  • No outings / errands
  • No yard play due to inclement weather
  • No visitors

By Wednesday they begin to act like prisoners with no bail money… They do everything “doodlely” possible to change my mind about staying home.

If I have no intent of “going anywhere”, naturally their morning walk is much longer, and that’s the “we’re spending time at home” giveaway. Hanging around the house during the week is different than the weekend – which is generally full of family fun and activities. So when we return home from the weekday “long walk”, they start expressing their opinion about my decision to remain close to the homestead for the day. Very shortly after breakfast, I’ve got two doods:

  • Pacing back and forth
  • Racing up / down the stairs and through the house- AT FULL SPEED
  • Wrestling with each other AND me
  • Stealing socks out of the dirty hamper
  • Doing just about anything to get me to take them to camp

Not too long ago on a Wednesday, I wanted to “veg” for a bit, and watch a movie “smack dab” in the middle of the day. As I sat in the recliner, remote in one hand (for a wife that’s a treat!), and a bowl of some deliciously fattening buttered popcorn nestled in my lap, Leo came over, grabbed my pajama pant leg and started pulling me out of the chair! He doesn’t outweigh me, but after a while I had to get up because he wouldn’t stop!…


Of all the days of the week, Wednesdays are definitely their “hump day”, and mine! But with two entirely different agendas…

If you find yourself having “hump day” residuals on Thursday, then perhaps the video below will provide a little “pick-me-up” – give you a reason to smile –  and possibly get you through to Friday.

Witness how excited they are to get to day camp AND out of the house for a few hours. If there is only one camp day a week, it’s got to be Wednesday!

PS: Notice Harley’s “take-down” of John (go Harley!!)

An early “Happy Fathers Day” to all the “doodle dads” out there. Like “Mothers Day”, the boys will post their blog Sunday evening with their version of “Ode to Pet Parents on Fathers Day.”

Thanks for reading…

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