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HARLEY: A Veteran is any person, who served honorably on active duty in the armed forces of the United States.
LEO: And our “doodle dad” did that?
HARLEY: “Abso-doodley!” Right out of college. Did you know he used to jump out of airplanes?…

LEO: What for?
HARLEY: Not really sure, I just remember seeing the pictures.
LEO: What did he do after he hit the ground?
HARLEY: Lived in the woods with the rest of the people that jumped with him.
LEO: Is that why he likes to take us to the park all the time, because he misses the woods?

HARLEY: Could be.
LEO: What else did he do?
HARLEY: Let’s see…
He would get these things called “awards” – they’re like treats…

He once went to Tiffany’s school and talked to little two legged people about life as a soldier…

He also took extra “doodle care” of the soldiers…

He prepared young men…

AND women to be the “best” that they could be…

He moved to Washington DC and worked along side some incredible people from the White House…

LEO: Wow! How cool was that?
HARLEY: I know right? It was “doodle cool”, his dad was very proud of him…

LEO: I bet he was. I’m proud, and I wasn’t even there! I’ve got the greatest doodle dad in the whole wide world…

HARLEY: Yes you do! And he – like countless others selflessly made the sacrifice to protect this great nation and keep us ALL safe!
LEO: Veterans are really special people huh?
HARLEY: Yup, they sure are. Very, very special people!

Appreciate a veteran today with a smile, a handshake or even a hug. I know we will! Thanks for reading…



    November 12, 2012

    I enjoyed the slides. Thanks for highlighting our Veterans.


  • Candace Noel
    November 12, 2012

    Loved the pictures and the story! 🙂

  • Claudette Pope
    November 14, 2012

    Great story. I am so very proud of all of our Military. Thank you so much for the pictorial.

  • Deborah Coleman
    November 14, 2012

    I enjoy reading your posts so much, I forwarded this blog to one of our contract companies. I have never met the woman, but we communicate via email quite often. She enjoyed this post so much, she plans to subscribe.

    Thank you for sharing your doodles with us.

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