Although Halloween never seems to negatively impact these two…


My “official” door greeters

It has been known to stress and scare the “doodle” out of some pets. So The Boys and I wanted to list just a few Halloween safety tips for your pets:

Beware of chocolate candies, they can be very dangerous for dogs…


Make sure you keep the chocolate in a safe place, away from your pet

This includes the cellophane and foil wrappers too…


Ingesting these could be painful and costly

All dogs don’t like scary looking humans – so if you’re pooch starts freaking out, let them stay in a safe place until all the gypsies and cowboys are gone…

Scan 190

Yes, I’m exploiting my children again

If your dog likes to dress up – Cool!….

1 copy

This has to be my all-time fav for them to wear

But make sure he/she can breathe, bark, pee and poop comfortably when in costume…


Gotta have that freedom

The Boys wish you a safe and stress free Halloween…


Please enjoy more safety tips from our anipals at the uncommon dog


Thanks for reading, and share that candy….

  • Lonnie Shapiro
    October 30, 2013

    This is great Cathy and very good tips for Dog owners! I love your pictures and the Pumpkin Patch one is my favorite! Harley and Leo’s costumes are adorable, did you make them? Thanks for the “heads up” on safety for our babies during Halloween! Awesome:)

  • Cathy Bennett
    November 1, 2013

    Hi Lonnie – thanks so much. Nope! I didn’t make their costumes. I searched online last year and found them through a catalog store. It took me forever to find one large enough for Leo – HA!
    Thanks for reading

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