Ssh, this is me, Harley –


Our mom is resting after all the holiday preparations – so I thought I would send out the Christmas blog and let her relax.

This is my third Christmas here and like before – it was so much fun. I don’t quite understand the concept, and it was difficult to explain to Leo why; trees from outside – come inside, but we can’t pee on them; boxes and bags are placed all around the bottom of the tree but we can’t tear them up; and socks are hanging over the fireplace just high enough out of our reach to taunt us so we can’t get to them… YET even though it’s the family that gets together to open gifts, laugh, and spend time together, the “Santa Man” leaves stuff for us too!


I’ve tried to stay awake each year to meet this “fella”, but just like the other two years, I fall into a “trance like” sleep and never hear or see a thing. The next morning, there are more boxes and bags, the socks have “stuff” in them and everyone is really happy.

I told Leo we HAD to be good because there might be something under the tree for us in the morning too, and although he is just too young to understand, he trusts me – so he believes me – and thank goodness he listens to me. We were on our best behavior, we went out to do our business, and didn’t stray, came in and ate all our breakfast, didn’t tear anything up when our Mom & Dad went to church (not sure what “church” is, but they go once a week and we can’t go), and just like years past – there was something for us!


We each got our own pull toys, and squeaky plush balls. I “accidentally” ripped Leo’s pull toy and the guts started coming out, but they fixed it, and it’s all better now (a little thinner, but better).

We played all morning and after a while, we just couldn’t take it anymore and passed out….. It was a great day!


We hope you too had a fantastic time today with your family and friends…


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  • Yvonne
    December 29, 2011

    The Christmas Story from Harley’s
    view is simply priceless!

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