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I’m a few days tardy with my Big Barker Dog Bed update, but OMDoodle – do I have an impressive progress report for you.

In June 2022, I accepted the 28 day Big Barker Dog Bed Challenge. I received two couch style beds in exchange for three blog posts. Over a 90 day period, I agreed to share what positive changes I saw in 13.5 yr old Harley’s mobility and 7.5 yr old Jaxson’s consistent sleep patterns.

My first post (July 22nd), introduced the two couch style beds that arrived on July 18th…

What I didn’t share with you was Harley’s instant gravitation to the bed…

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And YES – he stayed, he slept and the cellophane wasn’t removed until that night!

As soon as it finished inflating, Harley was on it and remained in it for about 30 minutes. I purposely left both beds in the middle of the bedroom for about two days because I wanted to observe the transition.

Harley abandoned his old bed that same night. The seduction of the new and improved Big Barker dog bed had him – cellophane and all! LOL

Jaxson, a bit more of a skeptic – retreated to his original sleeping quarters the first evening, but not the entire night. I heard him moving about around 4am, but this time, I didn’t hear his elbows crash into the hard wood floors. I waited and then sat up to see him in the middle of the bedroom stretched out in his new Big Barker.


is pretty impressive to me. Realizing normal dog beds weren’t supportive enough for big dogs, this company engineered their beds to –

  • keep dogs youthful for longer
  • bring older dogs back to their best.

Big Barker may have solved the big dog bed dilemma. #seriously

Check this out –

Big Barker’s proprietary blend of triple-layer OrthoMedic Foam supports big dogs as they sink in, wrapping their joints in top layer comfort foam. The core layer provides a small amount of give sustaining comfort and preventing them from hitting the hard floor.
Normal, mass-produced dog beds are typically made with cheap polyfill or memory foam, which immediately collapses under a big dog’s body weight. With no core support layer, your dog’s joints press directly into the hard floor, creating uncomfortable pressure points.

There are only three materials used in these beds –

  • Foam – American made foam is all they use. It’s safer for dogs to sleep on. Polyfill or substandard Chinese foam will fall apart and flatten like pancakes under the weight of your big dog. Beware of Chinese foam – many have tested positive for harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic, chlorine and other bad stuff.
  • Fabric – Has to pass three tests: (a) must look great wherever you put it, so the upholstery should have a style that resembles the beautiful surroundings of your home. (b) machine washable that can sustain thousands of cleanings without shrinking, or fading, leaving the bed cover looking and smelling clean. (c) Holds up well against nesting and digging.
  • Zipper – 150 inches of zipper surrounds 75% of the bed vs. only one side which makes for a WWW wrestling match every time you need to wash the cover.

The foam is impressive, and the fabric is a strong, attractive-looking microfiber material, but my first love goes to the zipper.

Why – you ask?

Zipping covers back on dog beds after they’ve been washed can be an absolute nightmare! #whogottimeforthat

The zipper is never long enough which causes me to fight the demons stuffing back in.


thus far – has made it very easy for me to talk about these beds to other people. Products that impress me quickly become my go-to topic of conversation! #IwanttosharewhatIlearn

People (at work, friends, neighbors, Groovy Goldendoodles readers, etc) ask me all the time about Harley. When I start bragging about how happy and active he seems to be these days, I have to talk about Big Barker.

Please understand, I never had unobtainable expectations – nor did I think his issues with aging were going to miraculously disappear.

I agreed to test these beds and write what I observed because he seemed the perfect candidate.

Color me convinced!

After the 28 day challenge, I’ve seen more restful nights and increased mobility.

I haven’t captured a video of Harley sleeping yet – but these agility sprints have become considerably more frequent... #yougoDood

Trust me when I tell you – it’s been a minute since he’s run through the house…

There are some mornings when he’s walking so well, Lee and I both forget to put his grippers on…

The Big Barker Dog Bed has been in our house for close to 7 weeks. I plan to continue monitoring both of them, so by the end of August I will have more to share on Jaxson and his sleeping habits as well as a final update/report on Harley.

We do what we do because we love them so much❤️

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    August 1, 2022

    What a great review! Makes me think there just might be a Barker bed in Norman’s future.

    • Cathy Bennett
      August 18, 2022

      Wait till I write my third and final review, I’m even impressed with the changes I’ve witnessed. Stay tuned