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A few months ago through doodle daughter’s connections (translation: idle chit chat while at work!), she learned about Bark Box! Since then, (it’s been about 9 weeks now) I am able to elect “not to” enter into a pet store dragging one doodle, while the other drags me – in search of a new toy.

Not sure what happens at your house, but toys are subject to much torture over here and they eventually wind up in the trash can. I just can’t seem to catch the rhythm of two dogs in a pet store – it doesn’t work for me.

Now, thanks to Bark Box, I don’t have to!!!!!! The boys simply wait for the mailman…
And once a month like magic, a box appears…
This one was right on time – it came the day before Thanksgiving, so we packed it up and took it with us on “holiday!”

Leo was the “Curious George” doodle this time, and he checked out the goodies first…
To be “doodley honest” I had prepared myself to be disappointed before I even opened the box. I figured, they sent their best stuff first, and the remaining 5 months (I signed up for 6 months) would be a slow descend down hill to total disappointment, but I can say with a smile, I was wrong! Box # 2 gets a “paws-up” from both boys…
Here’s what they got:

  • BIONIC – A super – chewy bone, that you can slip a treat down into the middle if you’d like. It’s too big for Harley so Leo gets this one by default (or should I say because of size!)


  • FRUITABLES – Pumpkin Mango flavored little chewy fruity treats that got my boys doing ANYTHING! They smell good, and they’re very small so you get a bunch which will give you much mileage for your wallet. This is a hit in our house, I understand they come in a range of flavors and textures, so I will probably order more myself.


  • ACADIA ANTLERS – OMD, this was the “gem” in the package. A rope antler chew that they chew, tug, and play with for hours.


  • MR. BARKSMITHS -A pumpkin flavored smoothie treat for them to enjoy while we ate our thanksgiving dessert. Confession: By the time we ate our pie, the boys were asleep, and I forgot all about it. As a matter of fact, we left it in the freezer when the weekend was over and it was time to come home… Oh well.


  • A $10.00 gift care from MR. CHEWY for food, treats, and more.
  • $10.00 off – should I book with ROVER, a dog sitting agency.
  • And one months subscription – FREE –  from DOG TV! It’s television for the boys. Out of curiosity, DD (doodle daughter) and I pulled it up on YOUTUBE from her television to see some of their advertising segments, and sat there in shock because it did get the boys attention. So sorry I didn’t have my phone to video them, but I promise to capture a couple of minutes during their free month. We couldn’t get over how they watched so attentively. Sorry , but I  won’t be ordering after the free trial is over!

After rummaging through the box and playing with their goodies, I decided to do some work on the computer. Leo continued to sniff and snoop through the box, while Harley chose to cuddle with me. It was a good day…
A special “doodle-shout-out” to the Lundell family – I hope you enjoy your first Bark Box, please let me know what you think when it comes, and we’d love to know what you get!

I haven’t forgotten –  I will announce the holiday card winning photo next week.

Thanks for reading…

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  • tiffany
    December 3, 2012

    I love the pictures!! Especially the one of the boys waiting for the postman.