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I am living with a ball-obsessed dog! If that describes your pet parent’s life – exhale, and know you are NOT alone!

Jaxson has been ball-obsessed his entire life…

Color me tardy to the party, but I have finally given up on stuffed animals, puzzles, and Kong toys. He’s not a very complex Dood, if it rolls, no matter the size – it’s a hit. 

Plain and simple…

Even this one didn’t last but one weekend 🙁

When I look back at his puppy photos – balls were the only toy that seemed to bring him great joy…

…especially if you throw a human in the mix…


however, I have spent enough money in his life to know a good ball when I see one!

This one…

was not one of my smarter purchases…

So if you have a ball destroyer like mine – 

Continue reading, there’s hope!


come in three sizes for us,

  • small: Cycle Dog High Roller
  • medium: Jolly Ball
  • giant: Doggie Dooley Virtually Indestructible Best Ball

Introducing the dynamic trio…

Earlier this year, I searched for a ball too big to fit into his mouth and found the Doggie Dooley

Hard and huge, he pushes it around – barking like he’s herding something. Comical to watch, fun to kick around with him, and a workout for both canine and human. Read more here and watch a hilarious video.

At the beginning of the summer, I found the Jolly Soccer Ball

Known for its ability to remain inflated no matter how many punctures it receives. Trust me when I tell you it has been tested and still rolls…

I talked about it so much on our Podcast – Kimberly bought one for Bella and now she can’t stop talking about it. It’s a great medium size ball.


came out with a new ball called the “high roller”

Cycle Dog’s high roller super tough dog ball is one for all frustrated pet parents of ball-destroying dogs like myself LOL…

Cycle Dog is a family-owned business that believes in sustainability. 

And trust me – this ball is indestructible. Listen to Jax as he chomps away…

I was interested in this ball because of its size. I thought the high roller would be nice to have. A ball that is small enough for him to carry around when we go out to play.

Check out their website, located in Portland, Cycle Dog has a factory showroom, a tavern AND a dog park WITH weekly events! #prettycool

Thanks for reading ❤️

DISCLAIMER: I was given a high roller from the folks at Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming. They know my pain with Jax and balls. So with him in mind, they started carrying more Cycle Dog products. #nice

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  • Tails Around the Ranch
    November 5, 2023

    May all your balls bounce in your direction. Have a blast with them, Jaxson.