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The PetWeighter pet bowl might be the answer to your prayers if your dog dances around the floor with either his water bowl or food dish… Now that the bowls are out - guess who's looking for food? A moving bowl full of water (or food) can be frustrating – but with the PetWeighter – your “weight ...


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Jaxson is my Mercury Retrograde Pet. This is the only feasible explanation to his bizard behavior since March 6th. It was the first week of of the month and you would have thought Jaxson was auditioning to be the poster pup for disobedience. As the young people say - He had become - EXTRA. Transition? As in stubborn, ...


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Is all this technology too much for our pets? Technology - good for us, but is it good for our pets? Have you ever given it much thought?  Are the secret flickers and noises that home technology transmit affecting our beloved four legged family members? Did you know 20 percent of dogs suffer from noise phobias? I used to ...

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