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There’s a great deal of “hype” about cross bred dogs. The focus is either on loving or hating the poodle cross breed variations. Trust me - I have had my share of humans expressing their ambivalence… However, this is NOT what today’s post is about. #puttingitoutthere Cross-breeding has been a “thing” for centuries. I found 36 combinations ...


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The Boys are back online… …after a much longer break than I ever anticipated. I apologize sincerely for our extended absence. No longer M.I.A. - we’re back - and ready to share Doodle life, facts and fiction about -  Goldendoodles - this intuitive affectionate cross breed, diet, grooming and trainingTips - about everything when it comes to having ...


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After witnessing Jaxson do something astonishing last month, I sat for hours searching dogs - humans and diabetes on the internet.  Did you know nearly 10 percent of this country’s population suffer from diabetes? #hadnoclue I, like probably so many others knew very little about diabetes until it entered our home. Then - out of the blue, on an ordinary afternoon ...


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Our hospital pet therapy re-entry has begun, but I haven’t brought the Boys back in and they are not happy Doods… Not even a ball excited him as I packed my bags for work My furlough ended late August and the department worked extremely hard to present a phased re-entry approach to upper management. The return of ...

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