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Are you satisfied with your dog food?

I mean, are you REALLY confident that your dog is getting everything he/she needs from a nutritional perspective?

There are so many brands/types to choose from…

Photo courtesy of Pet Supplies Plus

Navigating through the assortment of choices can be overwhelming!

Charleston’s unwanted gift of canine environmental allergens sparked the search for the correct combination of nutrients to strengthen Harley’s immune system.

Vivid memories still remind me of how frustrated AND ignorant I felt.


Perhaps this is why I rudely inserted myself into a conversation Saturday while at the groomer’s…

A lovely older woman was asking for advice about dog food. She was literally twirling around looking from shelf to shelf. 

The employee was doing her best to help but my gut told me while she was listening, she didn’t hear the customer. 

S.O.S – 

Clearly, this woman was putting out an S.O.S. with her body language, bulging eyes and quivering tone.

Before I could stop myself, I heard these words (in my voice) aloud – 

Why are you looking for a different dog food?

This began our 30+ minute conversation about what to feed her dog.

She wasn’t satisfied. I’ve been there, done that, and got that dog-gone t-shirt!


When she directed that question to me, I found myself grinning like I’d just been asked to the middle school dance by the most popular boy in the eight grade.

I jutted my chest out and said – 

Yes, I am. Very satisfied!

The rest of the conversation went more like a Q&A – and she took notes!!!!!

Here’s the skinny – her pup has allergies! The vet has recommended she take her off poultry. Unfortunately, her vet didn’t suggest what to feed her, nor which brands to research. 

I listened, I empathized, I even suggested she talk to her vet again and ask for guidance to help her through this dog food jungle.

We then discussed Ollie.


I truly believe in these vet-crafted recipes. They are not only nutritious, they are – 

  • whole foods, gently cooked to preserve nutrients
  • human grade ingredients that we could eat with a fork
  • packed with fresh food taste and no artificial flavors
  • without any fillers – zero soy, corm or wheat

I took a photo (with my phone) of Harley’s bowl…

Now look at the food from Ollie’s website (the beef bowl)…

Not that much of a difference is there? 

The Boys energy levels are off the chain…

YouTube player

Their coats look and feel soft and thick…


We’re waiting to taste test their treats, then we want to give some away for your pups to try.

As I told the customer at the groomer’s on Saturday. Everyone searches for the right combination when it comes to dog food.

It’s not always a quick fix. There are important variables that cannot be overlooked. 

The – 

  • price has to be rightlet’s face it, like anything else out there, dog food is costly. What can your budget afford?
  • ingredients have to be balancedwill your dog receive a well balanced meal with their food alone or will you have to augment?
  • storage and accessibilitycan you house it and is it easy to get?

We all strive to do the very best we can for our beloved four legged family members. If we continue to share information we can help others grow from the same knowledge.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your dog food, tell me why in your comment and let me know if you’d like to try Ollie.

Thanks so much for reading –

A healthy outside – starts from the inside ❤️

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    January 20, 2020

    You should be on retainer for Ollie!

    • Cathy Bennett
      January 20, 2020

      HA! Would love to get paid!! Right now – I get a little help with food. But whenever that ends I still intend to keep the Boys on it. Pound for pound I truly like the results I’m seeing. So I plan on sticking with it.

      • Kelli Parker
        January 30, 2020

        Is Ollie only for adult dogs or do they offer food for puppies?

        • Cathy Bennett
          February 21, 2020

          Hey Kelli –
          Sorry for the delay in my response. Ollie is great for puppies. To be honest, I wish it was available when my Boys were puppies. If you are interested in trying it, I have a discount code if you click on the link on my home page. The nutritional content is balanced, and Dr. Pruitt will validate the correct caloric intake for you. Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Madison
    January 21, 2020

    Dog food is a jungle. Mom fed her dogs the same food for many years, but then started to realize other food was better, and slowly, kind of like you guys, she moved to a better brand, then an even better one, and finally we ditched the kibble altogether and have our food now that is something Mom prepares with the base ingredients. Raw isn’t something she wants to get into, but this is the next best thing we feel. Completely prepared meals isn’t for us at this point, although we have tried a few brands of those too. We’re glad you love Ollie so much, that is super important.

    • Cathy Bennett
      February 21, 2020

      I’m a lot like your mom, just trying to find the right foods for you all. Kibble isn’t for us, I can’t feed the Boys something I can’t understand. That said, I think pet parents have to do what works well for them. What they have access to, what they can afford, and what they can manage. One blessing is that there are more choices now then ever before, that’s a good thing.