Not since SPLAT (SEPTEMBER 8, 2011) have I “intentionally” wrote about my own comical behavior. I’ve been told I have a few “memorable moments” from time to time, but the ones that amuse even me – I must share…

June 1st of this year, I took a huge step and got “serious” about my health and weight! I evaluated my lifestyle and decided (like most of America living on the darker side of 50) that I’d better start now with an obtainable exercise regimen, along with an immediate modification of my eating habits.

It’s been two months and I like what’s happening. I am happy with my dietary changes, I have more “get-up and go”, and as the summer begins to make way for autumn, friends and family have begun to notice a difference. This is MAJOR and right on time as additional motivation.

I’m walking the boys more, and we’re walking further every week. I haven’t started running yet, but conquering that demon is high on my “bucket list.”

A few days ago – while on my way to Olde Towne Pet Resort – the boys chariot needed fuel, so we made a pit stop at the local gas station. That day, I was wearing (what I thought to be) a really cute purple and white sun dress.

As I leaned against the rear of the car clutching the gas nozzle, I noticed people seemed “over the top” friendly, “before” 8 in the morning – in the middle of the week!

Cars slowed down as they rode by, entering and exiting the gas station, and they were either honking, then smiling or waving – and at me! To fill my car up, takes a while, which means at least 8 cars drove by!

OMD – If I’m gonna tell this story, I must be brutally honest, even if this is dreadfully embarrassing…

Talk about getting caught up in the moment! I do the unimaginable – I wave and smile back! To EVERYONE!

Now if I’m REALLY gonna tell the truth so you can relive this “beyond belief” experience with me… I then start to stand a little taller, as I strain to tighten my stomach muscles like some “Super Model” at a photo shoot. Are you getting this sad, sad, picture?

For a fleeting moment – I actually think: “Hey, I’ve lost more weight than I thought” – like these STRANGERS knew me before my diet.

The gas tank is finally full, and as I turn to walk towards the car door,  I laugh hard AND loud. In pure “Doodle” fashion the boys have switched their seating arrangements…













I cannot tell you when they decided to come from the back to the front, but they did it as I pumped the gas! This was the highlight of everyone’s morning. It took FOREVER to get them back in their original seats, and it took several days for me to stifle uncontrollable outbursts of hysterical laughter.

I’ve learned two valuable lessons that day:

  1. Strangers have no earthly idea you are trying to loose weight
  1. Anytime someone smiles and/or waves with delight – it will always be about THE BOYS

Have a good one, and thanks for reading…

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