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Over the weekend I realized, I’ve got a senior dog whose living his life with a young dogs state of mind! ..

It’s no secret that I’ve been concerned by the recent turn of events surrounding Harley’s visible behavioral changes –

  • sleeps much more
  • slow to move about
  • not always interested in going places with me
  • stumbles on the steps
  • wears booties around the house
  • did I mention sleeps much more?
He loves his Big Barker Bed

Yet he also has those days when I can’t keep up with him on our daily walks! He continues to look the same – mostly because of his hair coloring…

See for yourself –


So when he has those successions of slower, more cautious days – it concerns consumes me with worry. It’s been going on for months now and I despise dwelling in this hamster wheel of morbid, negative thoughts.


finally arrived yesterday as I watched Harley and Jaxson together on the porch. The apprehension about this whole my dog is getting older fixation hit me like a brick upside the back of my head…

Who remembers the cartoon “Krazy Kat?”

I realized, I’d been viewing it all wrong. Here I was seeing his dog bowl half empty, and it took HIM to show ME that his bowl is actually half full #hesgotmeindoodleschool

What I mean is this –

Harley is no different than the rest of us. He’s aging! #period

But the lesson he’s teaching me is that he’s still living his best life in his Senior Dog Season!

He follows a really great regiment –

  • Healthy diet of air dried dog food (Ziwi Peak)
  • Natural Supplements (WinPro) for allegies, hips and joints
  • The Honest Kitchen Beef Bone Broth w/Turmeric
  • Loads of human fruits and veggies (with an occasional squirt of dairy whip on those berries!)
  • Daily walks with me and Doodle Dad – twice a day 🙂

And of course there’s that extra element. The one we call the “secret weapon” – a younger dog in the house 🙂 I personally think the 6 year difference has always worked well for them. But like humans, what works for one might not for others.

In our house – these shenanigans still occur…

YouTube player


and what does society consider old?

Because age is relative to breed, size, and overall health and condition, “older” is not a function of numeric age, but rather defined by the dog’s place in his or her life cycle.

Whole Dog Journal

My take-away after stumbling onto this article, Mixed Aged Dog Packs, is this: could the age difference between my two Doods be a contributing factor to Harley’s age-less attitude? He still smiles and prances around after his wrestling victories…

Even when he stumbles on that last step, or scrambles to stand without his booties, he seems to take it all in stride.

OMDoodle, the life lessons I learn from watching him are invaluable!

Since last year, he has bi-annual exams and of course he gets a quick glance over every nine weeks when we take Jaxson in for his allergy shots. I am anal when it comes to any changes in appetite, bowel movements, or behavior, knowing those could all be signs of a potential problem.

The typical life span for a breed and size places giant breeds at 6-8 years with medium to large breeds making it to 10-12 years of age.  Small dog breeds often thrive well into their late teens.

The Grey Muzzle

While I can’t turn back the paws of time, I can make a difference – and that’s exactly what I plan to do!

The trick to aging gracefully is to enjoy it ❤️

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    July 5, 2022

    He looks great Cathy and all your loving attention shows up on that sweet face.

  • Debbie Matos
    July 5, 2022

    Thank you so much for this article. Perfect timing. I worry too and I need to stop that nonsense and be overjoyed at Savannah’s hoping around and excitement to go bye-bye. You are a love.

    Gracie Mae and our rescue Savannah Blu