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Have you created a pet parent’s Christmas list for your furry family member? #tellthetruth Is it something you’ve written down, or just carry around like a mental post-it note?

This is mine – 

I wouldn’t say that I’ve ALWAYS created a list, nor have I wrapped their gifts in several years.  I used to wrap toys and then capture it on video to annoy friends and family. #Imthattype

But the year they showed more interest in the paper and boxes then its contents was the year I stopped… #Imslowbutnobodysfool


is how I approach howliday gift giving. My pet parent’s Christmas list has evolved over time to consist of items that make Doodle Mom happy.

During an episode on our Girls with Dogs Podcast, Kimberly and I discussed “Black Friday Sales” and during that segment we talked extensively about our different shopping styles. She prefers to load up on cases of items she uses throughout the year. Makes sense – she’s a dog mom to four pups so cases of coconut oil, nutritional items that go on sale and are hard to find, etc… #practicalneeds

I on the other hand, with only two dogs, shop differently. My preference is to look for items that I’ve had interest in, to see if they are significantly reduced in price when the turkey season begins. #randomwants


is one item in particular that I’ve had my eye on for sometime. #OMDoodle

An app-control smart bone to keep dogs and their parents entertained.


This has Jaxson and I written all-over-it. He loves stimulation toys. The Wicked Bone retails for $47.99 from Cheerble. This will be a great addition for us – because I love gadgets! I plan to take it to work with us so that he can unwind after PT/OT appointments with patients.


last summer, the Boys were the recipients of homemade dog treats baked by two young neighborhood entrepreneurs. They’ve moved to California and I’ve decided to pick-up-the-spoon (where they left off) and try making some peanut butter delights myself. 

In my experience, homemade treats will spoil after a few days, which is what attracted me to this Dash Mini Dog Treat Maker – 

Just $14.00 at Target, this little gem –

  • comes with a recipe guide
  • makes 6 bone shaped dog treats at a time
  • has a non-stick surface 
  • is small enough to store in a kitchen drawer or pantry
  • AND,  portions of their proceeds benefits animal rescue efforts.

It was calling my name! Now I can make just a few, refrigerate and make again when needed.


have been around for decades. I like giving them Snook’s chews and chips because I like the company. They make chews, chips, and biscuits, but most recently they’ve introduced the sweet potato steak fries and the Boys love them…

They’re long, thick pieces of dried sweet potato and have become a staple in our house. $14.00 for a 10oz bag, it’s not an everyday snack, but a “once in a while” tasty experience. #thatswhatItellthem


has met his match with the Chuckit Kick Fetch Dog Toy

Finally, a ball that Jax cannot destroy. #doodletested…

It’s too big for the “jaws of Jax” to chomp down on and deflate. Easy to carry around because of the divots in the circular shape. It’s also soft on a Birkenstock wearing, ball kicking Dog Mom’s toes! #justsaying

Shop around for this one – right now I see it for $25.95 on Amazon, but it’s a popular toy sold almost everywhere.


are sometimes good to give as well.  Today I’m talking dog bed(s). Have you been thinking about getting your pup a new one? Has the one you purchased several months ago already gone flat, making his bones hit the ground when he plops down?

I’ve been there, but not anymore. Please take a moment and look at Harley enjoying his Jax’s Big Barker dog bed

Give your dog the gift of clinically proven comfort!

These beds are game changers! 

It will change your dogs life! 

Big Barker is so confident in this clinically studied bed that will improve your dogs health in just 28 days, they offer a –

  • 1 year trial
  • 10  year warranty

There are three sizes – 

  • large
  • XLarge

And three styles – 

  • headrest
  • sleek
  • sofa

Not cheap – but currently either 15% – 20% off the regular retail price (depending on the style). Right now the large sofa bed Jaxson’s sitting on is $339.95 (vs. $399.00)…

These beds are excellent for large dogs of all ages. Both Boys now sleep through the night. Harley shows less stiffness in the morning when he rises and Jaxson has stopped stretching in the middle of the night from uncomfortable mattresses.


is real when you go to their website for the first time. But think about how many beds you’ve already purchased in your dog’s life time and add up the associated costs. If you’re like me, you’ve already exceeded that price of a Big Barker dog bed. 

They do have a payment plan starting at $22/mo. with Affirm. You can prequalify from their website.

So that’s my list.  Tell me what’s on yours…

May your holidays be furry and bright ❤️

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    December 13, 2022

    It’s always a joy to see our fur-babies enjoy the simple things, much like our kids used to before technology. Simply brings dog moms big smiles.

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 26, 2022

      I know, I cannot tell you how much fun I’ve had playing ball with Jaxson in the backyard.

  • Zen's & Zoey'a Mama
    December 13, 2022

    What’s on my list this year? Mostly chew toys as both of my babies are aggressive chewers. Thankfully Zen has outgrown the furry alligator stage; and Zoey’s bite is mostly much softer – at least on me – than Zen’s was (but she has a teacher, he didn’t). I have two nice collars each – all from Up Country – that they’ll both have to grow into. Maybe for Zen’s birthday instead of Christmas. Zoey is still wearing Bogie’s smaller puppy harness; and Zen still barely fits into Ducky’s rain coat, so no clothes until at least next summer.

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 26, 2022

      Hey Zen & Zoey’s Mama – I like your list. I think I am going to have to get some new raincoats too. The ones I have are old and I can’t seem to get this sour smell out of the plastic. It’s gross, I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to be making any difference. I think it will be a January purchase because February is very wet here in Charleston.
      Take care –