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Saturday I stepped into a pet groomers world, and my body still hasn’t completely healed…

A PET GROOMERS WORLDIn the past 9+ years I have watched many a grooming session. I have even washed a doodle or two from time to time. But this was the first time I followed the procedures of a groomer from start to finish and I almost cried in the middle of the first wash…



If I were to list everything that I learned that day – 

don’t ever miss your grooming appointment

– would be on the tippy top of said list!

I failed to write their appointment down, and when I received the reminder call, I was slammed at work, Doodle Dad wasn’t available and I couldn’t find a Doodle Uber to take them #doodlegoneit

The next available opening was several weeks away and you all know about #bigsour (Jaxson) so I asked my groomer about a self-wash nearby. She was gracious enough to offer me a sink and table later in the afternoon if I wanted to come in. At that exact instance – I caught a whiff of Jaxson as he walked by and quickly said “thank you.”


I arrived with all my “supplies” eager and ready to get to work. I started with Harley first. Seth schooled me on a few of his secrets; like placing cotton balls in their ears to minimize the amount of water that can accidentally get in there.

By the time Harley was washed twice (#lilsour) conditioned and towel dried, I was fading. I “manned up” and got #bigsour in the tub but he drained me…


Washing them both took a little more than two hours. My feet were killing me, my shirt was soaking wet, and my back felt like it had snapped in two. 

The entire time I kept wondering how does one human do this everyday AND with more than two dogs.


Once I finished washing Jaxson, it was time to dry. I stared at the grooming table and dryer for a mighty long time. The shooting/stabbing jabs of pain in my lower back were doing a excellent job convincing me to skip this part. 

Then I started thinking – Harley looks like the canine version of an afro gone wrong when he’s allowed to air dry #nappilyeverafter 

So I exhaled, did a few stretches, strapped him up and grabbed the hose.

My wet clothes acted like a magnet to all the hair flying from the dryer. I looked like a chicken! Fuzz was everywhere – up my nose, jet propelling down my throat, sliding all around my neck. 

By the time I got to Jaxson, I stopped caring – the fuzz had won. Never knew Jaxson didn’t like the dryer near his legs. Tack on another 30 minutes of flying fuzz waiting to land on me as I fought with four paws…



As I struggled with two doods, Seth was finishing up his third or forth dog. His technique is impressive #fursure

I asked him if we could work and talk and he graciously said “yes.” Spending now what was closer to four hours with him, I wanted to know more about what groomers experience. 

This seemed like the pawfect time to talk because he was grooming a small dog wearing a muzzle…


So I asked him about the muzzle.

He said getting bit while grooming a dog is more common than many people think. It makes it harder to bond with the dog, and grooming the muzzled area is a challenge. But he has to protect himself.

Certain breeds require regular grooming and daily brushing – but lot’s of pet parents don’t know or either don’t care. They wait too long and get angry when the only alternative is to shave the hair off…

A PET GROOMERS WORLD Seth loves what he does, and he is exceptionally talented with his tools. We talked about stress levels. He said it can be high at times.

Often the pet parents expectations are unrealistic – and try as they might, the groomers are left to deal with the wrath if the end result doesn’t please the customer. 

Earlier that same day a pet parent brought in “Breed A” dog with a photo of “Breed B” dog and pretty much said – 

make him look like this please

It was mind-blowing at how close Seth was able to get the two to look alike. Unfortunately I left before the pet parent came back.


After grueling non-stop work, I survived and so did the Boys….


That evening I sat in a chair, unable to move. My heating pad was on high and I opted for something stronger in my glass than my usual red wine. #gottadoit

I hope and pray I never forget that afternoon, the pain it caused, and the conversation I had. Seth loves what he does, it’s a calling he answered years ago, and he is truly a gift to so many dogs…


My one little solo experience in his world has made me conscious of so many other jobs that are done for my creature comforts and all that it entails. 

I’m learning everyday to SEE AND APPRECIATE those who do so much for others.

You know what else I’ve learned not to take for granted?

Grooming appointments! 

We are now booked until January 2019 #sweetbabyJesus

In a world where you can be anything – be kind ❤️

  • Emma
    October 23, 2018

    Mom grooms us weekly at home, but every few months, we need to go get a good bath, and our furs professionally stripped. It is definitely not something Mom is good at, and she doesn’t enjoy grooming us. Thankfully our groomer is also awesome, and we can always be squeezed in when we need it. You boys look great, and you were so well behaved for your mom.

  • Jan K
    October 23, 2018

    The boys look great though!! I once thought I might pursue a career in pet grooming. I apprenticed with a local groomer for just a few weeks before I figured out it was definitely not for me!
    We honestly don’t have a lot of good groomers in our area, so right now I’m glad we don’t have a dog that needs it. Knowing I can slack in the daily brushing area is something I definitely consider when choosing dog breeds (I learned my lesson with the golden retrievers).

  • Dashlilly
    October 23, 2018

    Holy cow! I can feel the back ache!! Well done. I would have probably quit mid doodle!

    • Cathy Bennett
      November 3, 2018

      I wanted to so badly – I kept thinking – I would have one done and one “undone” doodle LOL How have you been, you’ve been on my mind. I owe you a call. I’ve had the flu so it’s been a tough week. Hugs to you!

  • Ruby and Kristin
    October 24, 2018

    You are a brave woman! I am a wimp when it comes to nail trimming and grooming. Sometimes my husband grooms Ruby – and she ends up looking pretty silly. The professionals do a much better job! LOL

    • Cathy Bennett
      November 3, 2018

      Ruby – I didn’t even attempt to clip nails or trim paw pads. That is truly above my pay grade LOL

  • Monika & Sam
    October 25, 2018

    I swore if I ever won the Lottery, I’d give a huge chunk to my groomer. With two dogs, it ain’t cheap but worth every penny. My gal is so talented I often can’t schedule Sam in time and have to do him so we can visit patients at the hospital. I feel like I’ve been pulled through a knothole bathing, drying and clipping. And when you dogs HATES to have his feet touched, trying to trim those toes is a real battle of the wills. Seth makes your boys looks great and they clearly have a mutual admiration society going on. Bravo!

    • Cathy Bennett
      November 3, 2018

      Monika – after that experience I want to buy them a trip somewhere. That was one eye-opening day!

  • Cathy Armato
    November 8, 2018

    In praise of dog groomers! You definitely were brave grooming BOTH Jax & Harley yourself, thats a a lotta dog there. I bathe little Phoebe in the sink between groomer visits every few months. If I bathe Icy myself I take her to a self dog washing place. It’s not much fun and I end up wet but at least she gets clean. I love having Icy professionally bathed though, she comes out looking so fabulous! Thanks for sharing your adventure, now go dry off girl!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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