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A dog bed in need – is a Big Barker Bed indeed!

The story I am about to tell you is one of furry friendships, a dog’s courage to survive and a company I can lay down with! #punintended

Meet one of Jaxson’s Canine Therapist friends, Wilbur –

Photo courtesy of Catherine Rodriguez

I first met Wilbur last fall when he and his human companion Catherine attended an event held for therapy dogs in the Charleston area. Catherine reached out a few weeks prior to tell me that she and her certified therapy pup wanted the two of them to be a part of our program.

A retired racing Greyhound, Wilbur was especially unique because he was 18 months post amputation due to cancer. His surgery, treatment, and recovery were without any complications. All signs of the disease were removed along with his front leg, and his adjustment to life as a tripod was remarkable…

Photo courtesy of Catherine Rodriguez


was where Catherine wanted Wilbur to volunteer. She felt he could be a true inspiration to the pediatric population – patients, family members and staff. Donning a Superhero cape and crocheted matching caps, Wilbur hops through the hallways, spreading tail wagging happiness creating giggles from every room…

Photo courtesy of MUSC

Catherine carries a mat around with her, so when Wilbur gets tired, he will always have a place to lay down. When mobility permits a patient can be found out of bed sharing floor space with Wilbur.

The questions about his missing leg do come up, and Catherine handles it well. She responds with truth but doesn’t belabor the reason for the amputation. Usually the patient just wants to know what happened, and then the next round of questions are about how fast does he run, how many races did he win, etc…

Photo courtesy of MUSC


I heard that all to familiar thud sound of a leg bone meeting the floor when Wilbur laid down on his mat. It brought back memories of Jaxson moving about at night BEFORE he started sleeping on a Big Barker Bed. It made me cringe then – as it did in the middle of those nights.

While Catherine and I discussed program protocol, and procedures – I found it difficult to concentrate because my eyes kept darting back at Wilbur as he struggled to get comfy on his mat.

I finally asked about his bed situation, and before I knew it – I was on my soapbox like Sally Field in the movie Norma Rae, preaching about the benefits of an orthopedic dog bed for large dogs!


is what I wanted for Wilbur. A dog who continues to thrive, and live life to the fullest despite his loss, deserves a bed designed with him in mind. So I did what I do – I called Big Barker Dog Beds, shared Wilbur’s story and they gifted him a bed. #cantmakethisup

Like Jaxson, Harley and thousands of other large sized dogs, Wilbur is already benefiting from his new place of slumber.

Catherine says –

Since receiving our amazing bed from big Barker, I have felt an incredible sense of relief watching Wilbur spend his days resting on his new bed. One of my favorite things since receiving the bed is watching Wilbur not struggle getting up and down from his bed. His previous beds did not have nearly as much support for Wilbur which caused him to struggle a bit when he wanted to get up and move around. I really wish I had known about this company sooner. It is wonderful to be able to watch Wilbur quickly get up and move from his bed just as easily as he did before he became a tripod. I can’t imagine using any other type of bed for him now. We love it so much and we are so grateful. The less strain that Wilbur puts on his body, the more energy he has, and the more we are able to continue helping others with his therapy dog work.


and I get it, but I’ve seen the positive difference in Harley’s quality of life based on how hard this little Dood sleeps at night. His joint stiffness / joint function has improved..

Jaxson is also sleeping less in my bed and more in his. When he goes down for the night, on average – he stays down! No more night roaming and plopping down on the floor searching for the right “spot.”

Big Barker Beds offer –

  • one year trial to test the bed out
  • ten year warranty should something go wrong
  • AND – payment options

if you have a dog who is –

  • large in size
  • senior with joint and/or hip issues
  • a breed prone to hip issues…

…then you might want to check out the bed that has proven clinical study results!

Wilbur is making friends and doing extremely well with his new role at the hospital…

Photo courtesy of MUSC

He’s a natural when it comes to spreading tail wagging happiness to the patients, family members and medical staff.

It was an absolute joy for me to connect Catherine and Big Barker Dog Beds. Barks and tail wags to this company for understanding the need and answering the request.

To learn more about our doodle*tastic experiences with these beds, feel free to read:

Affiliate Disclosure: Groovy Goldendoodles is a personal blog. I, Cathy Bennett (owner) am a member of the Big Barker Dog Bed affiliate program that provides means for me to earn advertising fees by promoting and linking to their site. As an associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. All opinions are my own, swayed only by Harley & Jaxson’s tail wagging approval. Big Barker Dog Beds are not responsible for the content of this post.

When you learn – teach, when you get – give! ❤️

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    January 30, 2023

    Aww, what a wonderful story. Bless you for hooking Catherine and Wilbur up with Barker. May he enjoy loads of wonderful sleeps on the new bed. while he brings tons of smiles to the peds floor at the hospital.

  • The Z Kids' Mama
    January 31, 2023

    I just might have to get one of these beds for Zen, after he’s neutered. (Right now he goes back and forth between the floor and my bed, looking for the perfect spot.) He chewed a hole in the Molly Mutt cover of Shadow’s old bed a few nights ago when he was going through a “humping” frenzy. I’m certainly not going to buy a new bed at this point.

    Zoey is still sleeping in Ducky’s/Bogie’s puppy crate…thankfully she’s not growing as fast as Bogie did!…so she won’t need a regular bed any time soon, other than the one her brother chewed the hole in.

    • Cathy Bennett
      February 16, 2023

      I totally understand on the wait part. Although, Jaxson is a humper, but these beds are too large and solid, he’s never even attempted to hump or dig in these beds. How’s Zoey doing?