So, the first official summer holiday is upon us! This weekend at our house, should be a real “hoot”. It’s Leo’s first July 4th celebration experience with us – fireworks and all!

We have absolutely no doubt he will be terrified, but to what extent – we just don’t know. Harley was fine his first year (8 months old), no signs of distress, no concerns. Last year, the entire block behind us must have pooled their finances and decided to reenact a simulation battle attack on Beruit. Although the late night light show was absolutely breath taking to watch, it lasted forever, and the thick smoke resinated in the air smelling like the day after in war torn places llike Tablisi.

The explosive sounds were just too much for our little Harley Darley to bear, he retreated back into the house and refused to leave the couch. Due to day camp expenses, there are no discretionary funds for therapy, therefore, we will watch and see what this weekend brings.

Now Leo –  is a totally different story. This poor pup is a basket case if I come too close to him with a plastic grocery bag. Someone once asked what was easier: getting a “new born” puppy or one at 6 months old. In situations such as this, I do think about it.

I don’t like fireworks

I wonder if Leo’s insecurities and fears are truly indicative of his precious personality or learned behavior as a young puppy. Would love your comments on the subject….Never the less, we will celebrate our independence together – some of us inside, and some of us outside!

Hope you like the new blog site, so much to say, wanted to make it easier for you to surf through and gain more space.

The boys summer camp adventures are in full swing, so look for blogs, pictures and videos from OLDE TOWNE PET RESORT… coming soon.

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