I’ve traveled the world, lived in exotic lands, but I’ve never been in a Pet Supplies Plus store before. Talk about instant Doodle love.

And it was truly a “Groovy Hidden Treasure” because I literally stumbled across it while grocery shopping. #humansgottaeattoo

This particular Pet Supplies Plus store is so new, they haven’t even opened yet, but when they saw my nose pressed smushed up against the glass door, they welcomed me in, to look around and shop if I’d like.


Elated is the best way to describe my initial reaction as I twirled through the aisles looking at all the items I prefer to use –

  • Poop bags – yes I have a preference! LOL
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Booty wipes – gotta have them LOL #again
  • Toys
  • Balls – found our first Jolly Soccer Ball
  • Treats
  • Travel snacks

Of course my heart raced when I saw The Honest Kitchen


Products stacked high above my head. Food, treats, toppers, #ohmy


Even though I still get my occasional thrill pushing the return key on my computer knowing that a package will be delivered to my door in 1-3 business days. I also like to touch before I purchase, not to mention supporting stores in my community.

Take these beds for instance –

Harley loved the store brand Orthopedic Napper Bed. Sturdy orthopedic foam with an added layer of fiberfill as a topper designed to provide relief to older dogs …


Testing Jaxson on a Pet Supplies Plus Pillow Bed helped me realize “Large” will no longer accommodate his long legs…


While some refer to the Goldendoodle as a “designer dog” – don’t get me started 🙁 –  I quickly learned over the years I don’t always need to purchase “designer label” toys. Harley likes his Pet Supplies Plus boomerang just fine…


Made well and the price is doodle right! #datsrightbobbarker


I had no idea there are over 325 stores in more than 25 states OR that they’re the third largest specialty pet food retailer in the country #cluelesspetparent

Each store is privately owned and I love that concept. Owners/Managers have a vested interest in striving for excellence with quality merchandise AND personnel.

They pride themselves as a leading supplier of natural pet foods with the widest variety of American-made pet products. As pet parents become more educated about nutrition, we search for stores with our same passion.


In addition to providing a place large enough to carry everything a pet owner needs, they’re small enough to make you feel welcome. And I like that!

Adoptions and events are hosted regularly. Grooming services are available by appointment with an “a la carte” list of services.


Jaxson is brown! Not white, not even beige. He got so dirty after one day downtown with Doodle Dad, I am taking him later today to their…

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If you haven’t had a Pet Supplies Plus experience – visit their site, type in your zip code and drive on over real soon. If you’re reading this and you’re in the Charleston area, we have two locations. Check one of them out – I think you’ll like it.


This is not a sponsored post – we just wanted to share another Doodle Spot with you – one of our “Groovy Hidden Treasures.”

Make Today Ridiculously A-mazing ❤️

  • Linda Szymoniak
    February 17, 2017

    I love Pet Supplies Plus. They carry items I can’t always find at other pet retailers. I also love their low-cost vaccine clinics. I got one of my dogs microchipped for just $7, and that included life-time registration! I may be taking my dogs there for their annual vaccines this year since we’re still transitioning to a new vet and haven’t transferred all their files yet.

  • Monika & Sam
    February 17, 2017

    It’s always nice to support local shops. Sadly we don’t have Pet Supplies Plus.

  • Emma
    February 17, 2017

    Sounds like you need a third Doodle to use the things Jaxson has outgrown 😉 I think we might have one in our area, but don’t go there often.

  • Cheryl
    February 17, 2017

    Cody and I love Pet Supply Plus!! They have everything we need/want! The people are so friendly and knowledgeable!

  • Two French Bulldogs
    February 17, 2017

    Wow. Need to checkout that place
    Lily & Edward

  • Jan K
    February 18, 2017

    I’ve never heard of this chain! I like that they are independently owned and carry natural, quality foods. I figured there probably wasn’t one anywhere near me but there is one in our state. While it’s not super close, when I go on shopping trips, I am often down in the area where it is. I’ll have to check it out some day.

  • Kevin
    February 21, 2017

    We have a few in the area as well and have always had a great experience there. Huge selection of natural foods and great prices!

  • Kimberly Gauthier
    February 23, 2017

    This is a fantastic store and your boys are so well behaved. I should try to do this with Rodrigo and compare. It would be interesting to see if he could calm down enough to lay on a bed and hold a toy and not chew on it 🙂

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