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When I opened the Fed Ex delivered box Saturday morning, Doodle Dad looked at the contents and asked - What’s Olewo carrots? Pawhaps my excitement went wwwaaaayyyy to deep in detail with him because when I turned around he was gone! Yep #lefttheroom As a child in the 60’s I had a serious fascination with Bugs Bunny. He was the ...


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Recently I’ve been searching for answers to a few questions pertaining to therapy dogs handling stress. Harley’s headed back to work after a lengthy hiatus - and he’s going to be involved in a few different areas… When the environmental allergies kicked into full gear mid 2017 - he was miserable. He scratched and gnawed non-stop, ...


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I call Jaxson my big head dog! To some this might seem cruel, but it’s truly a term of endearment, that and the fact - it’s true… Seriously - his entire life he’s been trying to grow into his head. So naturally I was intrigued when I stumbled across a study in Psychology Today that suggested ...


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How bizarre for me to need winter dog wear in Charleston SC. December 2016 - we were chilling like this... Yet the other morning it was 21 degrees. #doodlebrrrrr Last week when the snow covered the Holy City - I was in awe. Snow and below freezing temperatures were chilly reminders of where we USED to live! Looking at ...

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