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When they said Wunderball was the ball reinvented - they weren’t kidding!… This little odd shaped ugly looking nugget has been a constant source of entertainment all weekend long. #keepingitreal For three years Jaxson has kept me on a constant quest to find toys he cannot destroy. Many may remember my post - Let's Talk Toys - when ...


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Not until recently have I ever given much thought to owning a pet scale. But after realizing I had an overweight Doodle in the house, I decided it might not be a bad idea. Unusually frigid temperatures in our region this year has caused winter weight gain in my Boys - sort of… I say “sort of” ...


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Do dogs become stubborn seniors after a certain age like humans? As of late I’ve been pondering that question. Harley is two months into his ninth year on earth and he’s been “feeling himself” lately… You would think he received his lifetime AARD (American Association of Retired Dogs) membership card in the mail giving him rights to do ...

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