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This coming Sunday we fall back to Standard Time. We will set our clocks back one hour (before dawn) to segue out of Daylight Saving Time and back to Standard Time… While the extra hour that first morning will feel like heaven #toyou, remember your pup may not see it the same way. Youngsters and Senior dogs ...


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Halloween isn't Halloween without Dr. Seuss costumes! As a child I was in love with the Cat in the Hat! Primarily because of his zany - wrecking ball companions - Thing One and Thing Two. I longed to be lil' Sally and have all of them show up at my house on a day that my mom ...


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Pet friendly hotels are popping up all across the country. If you checked in last Wednesday, you know I promised to tell you where we were headed this weekend. We’re off to review a pet friendly hotel in Richmond, VA!… The Graduate Richmond is brand spanking new and they’ve invited the Boys for the weekend to experience their ...


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Many baby boomers associate the words Now and Later with a super chewy #makeyourteethache candy from the 60’s era. Recently "this" baby boomer started labeling the Boys with those very same words. Seems that whenever they get something one will immediately - Do it Eat it Use it… ...while the other will wait and save it for ...

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