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Petsafe sent us a Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain a couple of weeks ago… I must say I am quite impressed with its sleek design. The contemporary shape reminds me of a "limited edition" Waterford crystal bowl you might find on someone’s dining room credenza filled with decorative porcelain fruit. #myvividimagination FUNCTIONALITY - Deep enough to hold 100 oz ...


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Inquiries  and concerns about Solar Eclipse pet protection is gaining momentum around my town lately. Pawbably because Charleston happens to be in the direct path of its totality… On Monday, August 21st the moon will completely block out the sun over a 70 mile wide path that will cross the United States from Oregon to South ...


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Last year when I took Jaxson to the Annual Dog Day Afternoon pool event - he gave new meaning to the phrase “Dog Tired.” That’s right folks after zipping around the shallow end - for hours - like the Tasmanian Devil, my lil Demon Doodle was so exhausted he tried to put himself to sleep IN ...

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