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We’re in the middle of yet another move… To many of you, this will sound INSANE because I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog before. But please don't gasp! We are not leaving my “happy place.” In fact - happy place just got happier!!! DOWNTOWN - Charleston has many wonderful places to live. My all time favorite location is in the heart of ...


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Mail excites me! This week I wanted to share an email we received asking advice about dogs playing together. Hi Cathy - I have a three year old female Goldendoodle named Macey. I want to get another one, and wondered how you trained your two Boys to play so well together. They seem to share everything. What ...


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Goldendoodles - Gnomes and Booze Pops, crazy title I know. But after you read this, tell me - what would you have named it! WALKING WITH MY BOYS - I believe the reason I enjoy walking my Boys around Charleston is because we’re always meeting people and making friends… King Street is one of our favorite routes. It's filled with unique ...