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Shoo 4 two - that’s what I’ve re-named it… It’s actually a great shampoo that works for both you and your pet. Nope - I’m not kidding. SHOO uses natural products for all types of dogs and their owners. They use only pure and earthy ingredients. Such as - Coconut oil - improves skin and coat. JoJoba oil - ...


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New Zealand Green Mussels make up 3% of the Boys new food by Ziwi Peak. #doodle*licious We are presently in our third week eating an “alternative to raw” - species appropriate diet of beef - its liver, kidney, heart, tripe, bone and lung. In addition to - green lipped mussels! Prior to spending all my spare time ...


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While you might think “Lucky in Love” meant I was talking about me - this time it’s about another kind of love! A love from a human for hundreds of animals. THE REST OF THE STORY - Blog Paws 2017 - the Boys and I met this really nice man named Scott Evan Smith… His employer - Consumers Advocate sent ...


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Harley is - My life preserver during rough waters… This is Harley's featured photo in the My Name Is Milk 2018 Calendar. My Name is Milk is a Charleston SC based non-profit animal welfare organization aiming to support existing animal shelters and dog rescues in our area and beyond through fundraising, education, outreach, and fostering. Aiming to reduce the negative ...

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