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Today is National Kids and Pets Day #whoknew A special day created in 2005 by celebrity Family & Pet Life Style Expert Colleen Paige. From all that I gathered it’s a - dedicated day to celebrate the magical bond between children and animals as well as educate the public about safety between children and pets. Source: Colleen Paige THE ...


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Earth Day for us was Doodletastic!… Because Mother Nature deserves some appreciation, I became more environmentally responsible and ordered a new kitchen trash bin set - one side designed especially for recyclable products. #Ifeelproud Later that morning we headed out to spend the day with three of our favorite pet loving places, organizations and bloggers!… Pet Supplies Plus ...


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Grab a cup of coffee and meet a few of our new neighbors! It’s been three weeks since we’ve moved downtown, and although I’ve been visiting this neighborhood for more than 45 years - living here has a novel feel to it. #feelsgood Two blocks down on my right is - THE CITADEL - A landmark in Charleston and South Carolina ...


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Jax has got the Doodle diarrhea blues. That’s what I told my boss as I hung up the phone and began to pack up my belongings. It is super doodle rare for the Boys to have any form of stomach issues, so when it happens, I panic. #Leoflashbacks. Jaxson - DEFINITELY not feeling well… He hadn’t ingested anything odd (my ...

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