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Lets talk tongues shall we? - The other day - Jaxson crawled up on the couch and preceeded to lick everything - his private parts his paw the bottom of my foot Besides making a mental note to wipe my feet off before climbing into bed (after all my "feet" did come AFTER his private parts) - ...


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A dogs routine is incredibly important. Dogs are creatures of habit, they love stability and crave consistency. Yet, in a twinkling of a Doodles eye I messed mine up! #bigtime Pre-occupied for weeks - I meticulously strategized, planned and coordinated an entire weekend celebration for my brother’s 75th birthday… "Spectacular” was the goal I strived for - so ...


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It’s official! Jaxson is now a certified Canine wind deflector… Jax and I love to ride with all the windows down. Harley can’t stand it, but sometimes, especially traveling over the many bridges here in Charleston - we make him suffer at the expense of our enjoyment. #teamselfish Harley crouches down real low to avoid the air, and ...


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Pet obesity is running rapid. According to an article I read in Time Magazine - about one-third of dogs and cars in the United States are now overweight This was so alarming to read. DID YOU KNOW - Overweight cats spiked 169% over the last ten years. while the number of  overweight dogs jumped 158%? EDUCATE - Believe it or not - ...

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